Sunday Morning Comics - Oh the Horror, Bail Out Now Redux Edition

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Cup O' Joe

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From an interview with the Dilbert creator:

Q. If Dilbert were real, would he still have a job?

A. No. I'm drawing a series right now where he gets laid off and he has to go through a really tough bunch of interviews to try and get another job. At one point he is asked whether he would take a bullet for a prospective employer and they make him go to a firing range to prove it.

Congressional Motors

Duane Powell, Congressional Motors Prototype


WSJ on the Christmas Bail Out


A New Advance in Worker Productivity, Smart Stitch



Congressional Motors by Duane Powell.



Train wheels

I understand why we don't do this right now, but it occurs to me that a car that is able to hook up to a commuter train on the rail for intercity use, then disconnect for in-city use, would be a darn good idea given the relative fuel/mile/ton ratio between the two modes. Heck, you could even use a variant of Michellin's Active Wheel tech to make it an NEV that recharges when on the rail.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.