They will NEVER be held accountable!

It is becoming abundantly clear that Barack Obama is going to pursue the same centrist pro-Wall Street policies as did Bill Clinton, and Clinton's big money contributors.

Dylan Ratigan, the host of "Fast Money," is one of the few voices of taxpayer outrage on CNBC. Today he interviewed Obama economic advisor Laura Tyson. Keep yourself away from objects that you might be able to hurl at your computer screen, because it will be hard to restrain yourself.

Here's the link
[If someone knows how to embed the video, feel free to do so or let me know how]

A few "highlights":
- It's not appropriate to think of this as coming out of the taxpayer's hide.
- The interests of Wall Street and Main Street are one (Main Street should be glad we are bailing out Wall Street)
- This isn't a bailout, it's an effort to "restore normalcy"
- Nobody was at fault. "There was a system". It's a mistake to look at individuals and assign blame
- There's plenty of time in the future to piece together how we got here. So the focus shouldn't be on individuals and their past compensation.

In other words, there will never, ever, ever be an attempt to hold anyone accountable. Certainly not Bob Rubin and his $100 Million bonus for creating fictitious capital, now vaporized, at Citi.
Taxpayers are to fork over the money, sit down, and shut up.

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Yeah on CNBC they disable all embedding plus have a lot of stuff which makes the videos hard to get. I can get them but I hesitate due to copyright issues. (If you saw I struggled with this on the Roger & Me thing too)

One thing is to capture the image and then put a link around the image so when users click on it, they go to the site and the video starts.

I don't know why they won't allow embedding. I don't care about a commercial to see the clip.

Today must be wake up out of Denial day

All of the blogs are realizing that Obama out Billary'd Hillary today. I noticed pieces all over hell and people are grasping at straws say "so and so is a Progressive" when that person, well, really isn't and well, the denial wears off.

I thought the Obama rush would at least last until he was sworn in.

I knew this awhile ago so I am not shocked and I'm also not surprised at these barracuda elites who think they run the world.

I almost forgot about Larry Summer's thinking "ladies" are just so inherently stupid/incapable in math and science due to their sex/hormones. What an added bonus.

Rubinomics ReCalculated

Story in the New York Times showing how Rubin is dictating Obama economic policy as if this is good and somehow Rubin is all magic.

Uh, I don't think so!

Can I say it?

I said so.

feel validated

I said it too but one of the problems in the U.S. are getting qualified candidates to even run who can also handle the job.

One way to do it

Would be to select people at random who haven't done the job previously, since it's obvious that those who HAVE been doing the job are inherently unqualified.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

This is Obama's advisor?

She sounds more like a corporate apologist for Wall Street. She also has the annoying habit of lecturing people. I'd have to smack her if I talked to her for more than a few minutes.


While this is validating as hell that all of the folks wanting policy in the US national interest, working America's interests are now realizing we just got the DLC elites running the country again.

(I must write a post on how Centrist means Corporatist)

What are we gonna do now? We have a lot of true Progressive-Populists in Congress now, but not in leadership, either house.

Robert Rubins Resigns from Citigroup

Robert Rubin resigns from Citigroup.

Long time coming, of course he made out with the store and now all of his proteges are in place in high government positions.

Looks like he slightly gave token admittance to some of the woes at Citigroup. Lest we not forget the role Citigroup payed in IPOs and serious insider stock options during the dot con era.