Treasury Secretary Calls for Regulation

Bloomberg reports:

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is likely to call for the creation of new regulatory agencies with broad powers over lending, the securities industry and business conduct, according to the draft of a study he commissioned.

The report, which recommends more power for the Federal Reserve, also proposes combining the Office of Comptroller of the Currency -- which dates back to the Civil War -- and the Office of Thrift Supervision into a single banking overseer. In addition, the draft, which was circulated to government agencies this week and obtained by Bloomberg News, calls for the merging of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, Wall Street's biggest lobbying group, praised Paulson's proposals

Of course a lobbyist group praising something bodes ill to me, but the details are yet to emerge.

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218 page plan

Click this link for more and the actual 218 page plan from Treasury Secretary Paulson's plan.

Paulson's 218-page ``Blueprint for Regulatory Reform,'' commissioned two months before credit markets seized up in August, said more rules aren't the answer to the current period of turmoil. The former chairman of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said the system of regulating banks, securities firms and insurance companies is outmoded, and the Federal Reserve should expand its oversight of financial services beyond banks