United States Universities Subsidizing The Competition

The below video exposes the University of Michigan recruiting and educating foreign nations in fields where companies are now laying off Americans. The video points out this is paid for by the US taxpayer, which begs the question, why is the US taxpayer subsidizing it's own economic destruction and why are our Universities, that we pay for, promoting this?

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Nice story

But curious where the references are, who did it, citations, etc. Was this self-produced? It was very well done.

Not sure who

But, I posted it because I know this information is true from a series of recent House Science Committee Congressional Hearings. Are Our Universities Ours? covers one hearing which exposes some of this.

I don't know who this person either, is but the quotes and video clips are clearly authentic. He lists his sources in the video.

Video's Producer, Contact Info for Vince Wade

ANSWER: Vince Wade.

Vince’s objective is to produce a Michael Moore / “An Inconvenient Truth” type movie.
Wealthy Patriots & Investors… please contact Vince Wade, immediately.

Vince’s entire video collection is here:

Vince used to be an investigative reporter for ABC in Detroit Michigan.
He indicated globalism and unfair trade has adversely impacted Michigan.
Specifically, Vince mentioned other nations imposing Import VAT taxes while
the United States does no such thing.

Also, if you have information related to Fraud & Abuse J1 Visas,
Please contact Vince.

More on Subsidizing the Competition

Professor Michael Pillsbury delivered testimony on this topic to the U.S. China Commission on 3 August 2001, more than a month before 9/11. See page 439 (Page 55 of 115) in the transcript, which mentions the National Science Foundation providing crucial U.S. "dual use" technology to Communist China for free.


And we must not forget the massive theft of U.S. intellectual property from Los Alamos National Lab that allowed the Chinese Communists to build their first ultraminiature hydrogen bomb and detonate it around 1992. Wen Ho Lee, Ph.D. was one of the perpetrators, IMO.


That far back and absolutely nothing is done. Our country seems to be hell bent on simply giving everything of value away to the competition.