U.S. offshore outsources 22,000 "Green Jobs" in 2009

Remember the Stimulus and how we're all going to recover by getting those new shiny green jobs? Guess what, companies are offshore outsourcing them in droves:

The US firms have offshored 22,000 green technology jobs to India since January 1, 2009, Doug Brown, co-author of the influential 2009 Green Outsourcing Report, informed TNIE.

“We see the (green job offshoring) trend increasing as the US and the UK outsourcing buyers are seeking lower cost in labour and energy consumption. There are few suppliers who match credentials and outcomes of Indian firms,” he said.

The annual industry study by Brown-Wilson Group, which surveyed 4,000 global firms, was released last week.

The report lists Patni, HCL, WNS, Wipro, Mastech and Tech Mahindra among important Indian green vendors who are benefiting from the offshoring wave.

Among the non-Indian firms, Xerox, Accenture, IBM Global, CSC, Capgemini, Oracle, HP/ ED S, Aramark, SITEL and Perot lead the list.

As most of these firms run large delivery centres in India, the boom in their green offshoring business is expected to further create jobs in India.

Noting an interesting irony the authors of the report say, “In the US, green stimulus plan is creating low-wage installation and construction jobs.” But, in India, which is usually associated with cheap and low-skill work, “…New green jobs include higher dollar engineers, strategic business management and support technicians charged with designing innovative environmental friendly solutions,” they add.

Are you reading this? Those very companies lobbying for Stimulus contracts are taking every job worth a damn and offshore outsourcing it! That's right, your money is being used to offshore outsource your job.

Check out what is left for Americans, unskilled, low wage jobs. But wait! Are those the jobs American's won't do and why we need illegal aliens and amnesty packages?

Folks, I hope you raise hell about this because Americans are plain getting it at both ends if you get my meaning.

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re: what else is new

That's right, your money is being used to offshore outsource your job.

What else is new? It's been the policy of the U.S. government since at least Bush I's time that the U.S. now exists only to subsidize the development of other nations (while enriching "American" elites along the way to that goal). Since they've already managed to seriously damage the economic prospects of working Americans and their children without any credible backlash, I guess they've decided they no longer have to waste time and energy on pretense, and are merrily spitting right in our faces and stealing us blind in broad daylight.

Why? Because they can. At this stage of the game they're just laughing out loud at citizens "getting so mad they're going to...they're going to...write a letter to their Congressmen!" There's probably a tradition now among Congressional staffers of Friday afternoon happy hour dedicated to drinking and laughing at the faxes and emails from all those ridiculous sputtering impotent citizens.

Nothing against the Indian

Nothing against the Indian firms and workers. they are cashing in on under-cutting US workers, and the brazenness and effrontery of the thieves who call themselves "globalists" and "worldclass" lean and mean firms is amazing.

As long as the US worker believes trundling down to the unemployment office and tossing a teabag or two is sufficient, he or she will continue down the path of firing, foreclosure, homeless shelter, gutter and then a "green ending": the biomass from the deceased starved will be offshored also and "recycled" asnd sold as a green product in some McGreenburger or something.

Apologies to fans of "Soylent Green" and works of Phillip K. Dick who warned us of theses scenarios years ago.

Credentials and outcomes mean

So I read, "There are few suppliers who match credentials and outcomes of Indian firms,” he said."

Allow me to cut through their double speak, "There are few suppliers who match the low labor rate and lower cost of Indian firms."

I am sure they are thinking, all will be well if we can just get the credit market flowing again, blow up that credit bubble so the consumer driven society can again, start buying.