W the movie preview

If anyone's interested, the preview for "W" is out. Just from the preview alone, I am gonna want to watch this! Frankly, I wish this was out in '04.


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W the Movie

Lion's Gate and Oliver Stone claim they are making history with their movie "W" as it is the first movie made about a president of the United States while that president remains in office. This is a lie and they know it as Pink and Blue Film's " W The Movie" began shooting in 2005 and finished earlier this year.

Our first trailer went up in 2006, our website in 2005 and a second trailer in 2007. When we contacted Lion's Gate, they refused to return our calls or inquiries but eventually they did change their film title , first to "W. the Movie" then to "W The Film".

Oliver Stone's "W The Movie" is NOT the first ! RE: Pink and Blue Film's "W the Movie" !

Pink and Blue Film's outrageous and very different indie film is facing an uphill battle now due to the deep pocketed Lion's Gate/Oliver Stone Film Film!

2 years BEFORE Oliver Stone and Lion's Gate tackled the subject of George W. Bush, an indie film company, called Pink and Blue Films, was already tackling the subject and had the copyrighted name of "W the Movie".

Sneak preview Pink and Blue Film's "W the Movie" Thursday, Oct 16, 7pm Indianapolis! at the Earth House Cafe, 237 N. East St.

If you think Stone's 'W" is going to shock, you ain't seen nothing yet! Pink and Blue Film's "W the Movie"!

"W"...Before the film, there was...the Movie!

" See super villain George W. Bush as an invader from space, hell bent on ruling the earth with his party of No."

" See George W. Bush in DRAG!"

" See Barak fighting valiantly to defeat W's hand picked successor: Johnny McPain!"

"See a possible future in store for us when Lady Ann Palin joins Johnny McPain in a 'bomb Iran' jam session".

“See W and his henchman; Condo Lisa torture Saddam!”

"See the vision W and his Republican party of No have for the apocalypse and You!"

Pink and Blue Film's "W The Movie... for the freak in you!".

Be cult hip, be there!


DJ Monkey's recent music video for the film, featuring scene of George W. Bush in drag!


the Hotly debated first trailer on youtube:


The official trailer:


Teaser: W and Rice torturing Saddam!


'W the Movie' is a surreal satire on the presidency of George W Bush and contemporary American Culture, beginning with 2000 elections and ending with the 2008 campaign. Not only is the presidency of George W. Bush depicted, but also, the effects it has had on our and also featured is the upcoming elections with Obama and McCain and the circus-like atmosphere of media frenzy!

Some have called this a Rocky Horror does the White House!

' W The Movie' is an Alfred Eaker motion picture.

Written and produced by Alfred Eaker

Directed by Alfred Eaker and Ross St. Just

A Pink and Blue Films production in association with Liberty or Death Productions and Asylum House Productions.

Pink and Blue films is an Indiana based company.

'W The Movie' was shot in Indiana and Ohio. It started shooting in summer of 2005, long before the Lions Gate/Stone film and finished with post production in summer 2008.

'W The Movie' c. 2005-2008 pink and blue films, llc

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