We Have Too Many PhDs

Universities Produce too many PhDs

The latest federal data show about 45,600 Ph.Ds were awarded in 2005-2006, 5.1 percent higher than the year before. It was the fourth straight increase and tied for the highest percentage gain since 1971

half of the nation's college faculty now on part-time contracts. Adjuncts are cheaper for colleges, but they often lack the time and resources for focused teaching, and research shows students' performance suffers if they are taught by part-timers too often

the percentage of science Ph.D.s moving on to "post-docs" (temporary university posts where they do research while continuing to apply for faculty jobs) is surging — from 43 percent to 70 percent in physics, for instance, in just a few years

The report goes on to say how many of these PhDs cannot obtain health insurance.

So much for how America simply needs to have more educated people huh?

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