We Love War! - Farrell, CBS MarketWatch

From CBS MarketWatch, Paul B. Farrell says America loves war! Contained within he makes the points:

  • Why else are Americans so eager and willing to surrender 54% of their tax dollars to a war machine, which consumes 47% of the world's total military budgets?
  • Why are there more civilian mercenaries working for no-bid private war contractors than the total number of enlisted military in Iraq (180,000 to 160,000), at an added cost to taxpayers in excess of $200 billion and climbing daily?
  • Why have Washington's 537 elected leaders turned the governance of the American economy over to 42,000 greedy self-interest lobbyists?

Is anyone else noticing that on major financial sites more and more we are reading facts that are implying they too want to see some real policy change?

This is one hell of an article.

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