What's in a Name? - Sen. Arlen Specter to be a Democrat

What's in a name? Isn't a Corporate representative regardless of party smell as sweet? In a very obvious move for political survival, Arlen Specter is going to switch parties for his 2010 Senate Run.

This is just astounding. Specter introduced, let them write, pushed and helped pass so much lobbyist written legislation it's enough to make one sick.

I hope Pennsylvania isn't bamboozled by this move. A bad trade deal is a bad trade deal. Offshore outsourcing your job is offshore outsourcing your job. Bad labor arbitraging immigration agendas are ....bad, labor arbitraging immigration agendas.

Isn't Specter one of those magic bullet theorists?

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Trying to get him out of office

I've been trying to get him out of office for years. The guy is a worthless corporate panderer. I'll never understand why he has been re-elected so much but hopefully this will be his last term.

He signifies everything that is wrong with this country.

Went over to the KOS to see

If any of the kossaks truly grasped the concept of this move. They are busily celebrating the defection of the senatorial mainstay.

Rather than try and point out the obvious over there I come to the happy place that can decipher this sudden change of events.

This my fellow EP's ... is a politician ... recognize it for what it is. This old, corrupt senatorial representative is smelling his parties decay. So what does he do... he turns to the next party to do one thing ... Save his fucking job.

Does anybody think these asshats are in it for anything other than $$$ and power? This crap has nothing to do with representation and party affiliation. This is saving ones own ass.

He needs badly to join the ranks of the unemployed. But not the distinguished, beloved unemployed working class ..... no he needs to join the ranks of the batshit crazy, worthless piece of trash, with zero job skills except of the CYA type.

It has always been about class warfare.

Dr. Suess Politics

Anybody remember the star-bellied Sneetches? That's what I feel we have, a star-bellied Sneetch machine and all one has to do is get a star and wala, all is good.

Doesn't matter what the Sneetch actual does, all that matters is that star.

Just when you see a sane person, invite them over to EP. Finding sanctuary that is focused on what the facts actually are is becoming hard to find these days. ;)