Davos aka Banksters, politicians, CEOs party and plot our demise

The concept of Davos is fantastic. Party at taxpayer expense, drink, surround yourself with sycophants of all ranks (including CNBS), and plot the demise of the average citizen in countries across the globe at a supranational level. And if anyone dares state the obvious that people really should listen to their own citizens and shareholders and taxpayers and not plan the demise of those very same groups while partying with people that don't have any allegiance to us, such "troublemakers" are labeled "conspiracy nuts."

A sane person must ask how is this even possible without these elitist criminals being fired or arrested? Selling out one's own citizens used to be labeled treason. Screwing up corporate deals and books and bets in the tens of millions of dollars (let alone tens of billions) used to be grounds for being fired and indicted for fraud, convicted, and sued into oblivious at the same time. And yet we, the taxpayer, through the FDIC and pensions and taxpayers funds (including TARP) are paying for these shindigs? According to CNN, "the World Economic Forum brings together business, political and intellectual leaders of society." Oh really? Something tells me we could find the same caliber of leaders in any maximum security prison, and those people would have more integrity than the Davos crew, but the inmates just didn't have the right connections to escape justice or get an invite.




Have to agree, a bunch of uber-rich people get together to discuss how to structure the world. What's wrong with this picture? I think you mean CNBC, not CNBS.

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left out of all equations

are workers, the America people. Imagine any regular workers, even scientists at Davos? Joke!

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CNBS stands for?

I had to blow away and restructure the Instapopulist. Tell us again why you use a term no one knows?

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Where are comments?

CNBS - it's not a term no one knows, commonly used elsewhere on other sites. It's CNBC with BS substituted for BC. BS, see, bullsh*t.

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Ah, well

Never heard of it myself but I guess I don't get out much. Thing on Zerohedge? I have no idea why basic cable runs CNBC instead of Bloomberg, although if you have a Roku, some streaming Bloomberg is there.

Read the site upgrade comments. I'm assuming you mean the Instapopulist comments. I had to blow away the 1st Instapopulist and recreate a new one due to the unfortunate use of a very buggy 3rd party piece of code which corrupted the site security permissions.

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Elite views from Davos on unemployment

Interesting link just to show what happened at Davos regarding the global crisis of no jobs (which often leads to wars). Basically the elephant in the room of outsourcing and the race to the bottom of free trade was most certainly not mentioned by the globalists.
Here's the link: http://blogs.reuters.com/small-business/2013/01/25/how-davos-talks-about...

Two things of note. 1) Notice Infosys was there talking about what miracles it does and how great it is for creating jobs. Apparently no one at Davos mentioned that a job outsourced through Infosys or Tata or given to someone on an Infosys visa takes a job away from a citizen of Canada, or the US, or the UK, or elsewhere. Zero-sum game apparently is a foreign concept.
2) And this gem: "WEF founder Klaus Schwab warned in a blog post Europe’s rising unemployment problem, but also wrote that young people will no longer have jobs 'handed to them on a plate; they will have to create them for themselves.'"

Handed to them on a plate?! Seriously? Here in the US, I thought we were studying hard in junior high and high school, taking AP classes, taking the ACT or SAT and every other test under the Sun, enrolling in the most selective college we could get into, studying hard, getting internships, taking grad school exams, working summer jobs, taking professional exams, etc. all the while having our families and ourselves spend saved money and loan money so that one day we could get a job. And often obtaining that education while also working other jobs or meeting other obligations. Not sure if the students in Japanese cram schools preparing endlessly for tests to compete for ever fewer jobs are expecting anything on a plate.

"Handed to them on a plate?" The irony of that statement is that he wouldn't dare question how people and possible attendees with family names like Clinton, Kennedy, Rockefeller, Bush, etc. got their jobs or move from job to job so easily. Davos is the last place to talk about being handed things as if they have a clue about struggle. It must be because those related to famous people and politicians all busted ass, scored in the 99% on every test they ever took, scored all A's in brutally hard classes, took endless entrance and professional tests, etc. worked their way up from nothing all through hard work and brains and honesty. Yes, the elites that profit on connections and corruption lecturing us about work ethic and what it takes to get a job. Thank you for the lesson.

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They will not mention global labor arbitrage

It is even difficult to extract the facts from economic data. Just hidden, corporations force government agencies to sign NDAs, suppress statistics. Although extract we do often! Right now lobbyists are paying for a tsunami of bullshit ramping up to flood the U.S. market with foreign workers under the cover of "Comprehensive immigration reform" and shock of all shocks, I've seen a few of our articles glorified plagiarized but in a good way. I saw the New York Times and the Atlantic dig into some of the same databases I've used or check to show there is no worker shortage in the U.S., there is a PhD glut, they are not getting jobs. A sliver of hope the real press does their job, for right now it is literally a blizzard of lies, including in the SOTU that importing more foreign workers would "help the economy".

When governments work against the people they are supposed to govern, what's the end game? I think Europe, the Brits have a better chance at stopping this due to their parliamentary systems.

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In the good old days, working against your own was called . . .

I've said it before (and plenty of others have said it across the globe), people are elected to represent the people that elected them, not those that funded their campaigns, or those they are related to, or have affairs with, or owe business to (or expect business from). They are bound to look out for those that voted for them. In addition, and yes, it's this simple, they have to obey the laws they swore to uphold. There's a reason people have to raise their hands and promise to follow the Constitution (federal and state when appropriate). No one should think these things are "outdated" or "just TV spots." There's a reason people swear oaths - because they mean something. If people break the oaths and laws, there are consequences. When people can do as they please, then they need to step down from public office, stop collecting public salaries, and go away. And if they betray us while in office, then in the pre-globalist days, they were labeled appropriately and tried when appropriate.
Today, for example, the Davos crowd will try to tell us someone selling nuclear secrets to another country is just looking out for nuclear energy companies (and isn't that right, because profits matter above all to them), it's good for generating revenues for many military contracting companies, free trade should never be hindered in any industry, people from all nations have a right to work in our secure facilities (even on visas because they deserve a job no matter what), etc.

Let's keep it simple, oaths, laws, promises, security, treason. Words you won't hear from the elite or globalists.

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UK story - govt. forcing unemployed to work for free

Even though this is from 2011, not sure how much has changed or will change. Yes Sir, who says companies don't want more unemployment? Because now they can get their politicians to force the unemployed to work for free in return for some benefits, and if they don't work for free, they get nothing. In fact, these people aren't working for free - they are paying to work because it costs them fuel or transit costs, water + food to live to work, apt. costs they don't recoup, health costs so they can be healthy enough to clean the CEO's shoes or whatever else the corporations demand. Now who says the UK politicians and others aren't serving the paymasters? Our governments are securing free labor for certain corporations! How far "democracy" has come. And this isn't planned? If anyone had any semblance of morality in govt., they'd go ballistic in every single meeting these schemes are mentioned and resign immediately. The silence and go-along-to-get-along by thousands of pols across the globe reveals who they are and why they can never be trusted.

This isn't red or blue, Labor or Conservative, this is universal greed. But these same pols will no doubt appear on TV and bemoan tragedies in other countries, demand our $ to fix them, and then find ways to get us to work for free until we simply go homeless and die somewhere out of sight. Just make sure it's far enough away from the roads their motorcades travel, no need for us to ruin the landscape.

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welfare to work

Been happening in the U.S. since "Welfare reform". Documented by Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine. People are forced to take minimum wage, also bussed 50+ miles one way to "work" in order to obtain social services benefits. Then, their kids have no parent at home because they are working more than full time for wages that cannot even put food on the table, plus taking bus rides that take 2 hrs each way in some cases.

Glorified slave labor subsidy to businesses, esp. in food service.

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The question at this point is: Were humans meant for this?

The simple question is: is this what human beings are destined for - serving and existing to enrich the few? Is that all technology and plutocratic crony capitalism bring us? At this point questions like these have to be asked. Because if people are born with no hope for a better life and will only serve others in ever degrading circumstances in the Western world, why follow the script? They don't want us to have jobs (thus the increasing productivity demands and completely absurd bars to hiring people because they don't want to hire people). Overqualified and skills gap lies prove that. They don't want us to survive without jobs - no welfare that we paid into. And they hate public education and other social services.
So, the question is, why play along anymore? Is the goal of education and life in the US and many other countries really to serve these a**holes anymore? Existential questions because now's the time. This is the result of consumerism that was brought to us by the same people 100+ years ago and bank-rigged games that have been around for centuries. It ain't working, so it's time to stop playing. We've got one life down here, and this script sucks, so let's try a new one. What that is needs to be discussed right now by those locked out of the "American Dream", but this one is complete crap and is screwing more of us with every passing day. We deserve better now, and our kids and grandkids do too. I don't think this is the vision of humanity philosophers and enlightened thinkers had for people when they first gave it thought and kept dreaming of a better world through the millennia. Nope, I'm pretty sure of it, this ain't it.

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