GM to Hire 500 in India

Who says hypocrisy isn't in full swing on the hill?

Indian Newpapers are reporting GM to hire 500 new workers for their new India plant and look at the glow of GM hiring while in the United States GM goes begging to not declare immediate bankruptcy:

It may be laying off factory workers in its troubled home market US, but General Motors will be hiring new workers in India at its new plant at Talegaon in Maharashtra as the company expands .

"Recruitment is on at full swing in India and we plan to hire as many as 500 new workers for our Talegaon plant in the coming months," GM India president and MD Karl Slym told TOI.

GM India is a GM subsidiary and GM has already poured $8.1 Billion into India and China.

Please remember that Citigroup, all of the financial institutions, have offshore outsourced heavily also and Bank of America was so rude towards workers, one of them committed suicide in the BoA parking lot after being fired so his job could go to India.

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We give them they money and they hand it to the Indians. Citigroup and AIG handed it to Tata while poor me a programmer cannot find a job and competing with H1Bs.