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A Ruling Class Hissy Fit

The reaction of the ruling elite and their minions in official conservadom to the Donald Trump surge is best characterized as a hissy fit, an extended temper tantrum that the GOP base isn’t doing what they want them to. The elite and their gatekeepers can’t seem to figure out why Trump is surging and why the peons who support him won’t listen to their betters. What is more puzzling is why they didn’t see this coming and why it hasn’t happen sooner. The writing has been on the wall for a while.

A Strategy for Anti-Establishment Conservatives

I believe that Jeb Bush’s campaign is dead in the water. His polling trajectory does not bode well for him. He is perceived as a moderate in general and is wrong on some issues in particular that are important to the GOP base, such as immigration and Common Core, but his bigger problem is that he simply doesn’t inspire enthusiasm in anyone. People who support someone other than Bush generally don’t hate Bush, they just don’t want him to be the nominee. And therein lies the rub. People don’t hate Bush, but they don’t love him either.

Oil Industry Pushes to End the Ban on Oil Exports as Imports Hit High for the Year

US crude oil output fell this past week, but our oil imports were the highest since early April, and with a major refinery idled, that unexpectedly led to the largest increase in our inventories of oil in storage in 4 months, precipitating yet a further crash in the price of oil. 

Donald Trump vs. Davos Man

Coined by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington, the term Davos Man was meant to refer to members of the global elite who view themselves as completely international. They have no need for the term "nationality" and feel that governments are merely shadows of time past to be used as facilitators in their global operations. ~ Akash Arasu

Trump has set the standard too high.

He has defined politicians as puppets of lobbyists. Additionally he has 11 billion votes that say he can get the job done. I owe no allegiance and I can get the job done. That is pretty much what appears to be the answer to a disillusioned electorate. If the sophisticated challenge Trump, what can they provide as an alternative. Who else can give kids a ride in a personalized helicopter. Trump has nothing to offer most of the country, but remember his follow up to not raising the minimum wage?

Trump said leave minimum wage pretty much where it is.

because hiking it would hurt America's competitiveness globally. That's what he said. What I heard was " you know Chuck, I cherish the minimum wagers. I love them". The only thing they have is the recognition of getting by on poverty wages. They know the value of a dollar and how to live on less than nothing. I am not going to take that away from them, I love and respect them. These are real people and they know there's not a chance in the world their kids want a hundred thousand dollar college debt. They have learned the value of money.

People don't want jobs, they want a living.

Stop using jobs as a synonym for making a living. Stop giving politicians a break and define a job in terms of a living wage. Jobs above a certain wage can actually support a living. But providing jobs is the end of the obligation for politicians. Making a living wage for workers should be the employment obligation of politicians. 42% of jobs won't support a living so that should be the unemployment rate. People don't want jobs, they want a living. Then it would be apparent what kind of trouble we are really in. A 42% unemployment rate might cause a demand for action.