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Our future: Everything in modulation

Don't worry. Be happy☺.

In a recent post, I documented the desperate -- even ruthless -- effort to gain acceptance of vagus nerve stimulation for the treatment of depression. The medical-device industry is investing millions in order to reap billions in the burgeoning field of neuromodulation. But if you're not depressed: "Don't worry. Be happy!" Before long, they'll be peddling something that may change your life, too. Your brain is their playground.

Plastic Corporate Food

If you haven't heard the story of corporate food manufacturer's adding plastics to your food, you should.  This one is downright disgusting and what it has done to people, health wise, is yet to be seen.  Instead of using good old fashioned yeast for breads, these companies add dough conditioners, which are in fact plastic.  The reason your sandwich looks so good is because it is shellacked.