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The Boys' Club: How Men Ruin Everything

Back in those golden days of yesteryear, universities had this very quaint and charming notion that their purpose was to fill the minds of young people with knowledge. They provided a brief refuge from the tumult of the everyday world, so students could acquire an intellectual foundation that would enlighten the rest of their lives.

Somebody has really, REALLY messed things up, and I think you know who you are, gentlemen.

Foreclosure Starts and 90 Day Defaults Rise Again in July, Average Time in Foreclosure Now at 1001 Days

According to the Mortgage Monitor for July (pdf) from Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS, formerly the LPS Data & Analytics division), 935,460 home mortgages, or 1.85% of all mortgages outstanding, remained in the foreclosure process at the end of July, which was down from 951,384, or 1.91% of all active loans that were in foreclosure at the end of June, and down from 2.82% of all mortgages in July of last year.  These are homeowners who had a foreclosure not

How the University HealthSystems Consortium uses Big Data and subtle blackmail to add a hidden, secretive layer of complexity to an already bloated industry

Consorting with the Consortium and its Big Data devilry

INTRO: The jargon used to sell the Consortium’s products sounds like a satire of “The Office,” which itself is a satire. The Consortium promises to provide “interoperable workflow solutions“ in its “robust array of resources and tools.” Everything, it seems, is part of a “suite” that is comprehensive, exclusive, benchmarked, trademarked, high-impact and integrated. It promises a sheen of order, ease and rationality to institutions that are “at the crest of the wave,” facing “The Threat of Incrementalism.”

HEARTLESS: medical device patients have no recourse

If your FDA-approved medical device injures, disables or kills you, that's too bad. The "doctrine of pre-emption" protects manufacturers from all liability. You're on your own. You have no recourse. The multibillion-dollar global conglomerates that design and produce these (often laughably flawed) devices, admit they assumed President Obama would revoke the handy pre-emption escape hatch, which is unfair and irrational -- not to mention cruel -- but it has remained intact. Well-funded lobbyists: priceless.

The Beggar Wears Prada -- or Why I Stopped Giving to Public Radio

Get ready to change the channel -- it's almost time for NPR's Autumn Pledge Drive!

(Be sure to get the "officially sanctioned" Carl Kasell doll as a thank-you gift!)

The twice yearly public radio pledge drive is imminent. If you listen to those fools pleading, cajoling, making "rational" appeals and glorifying their role in your life long enough, it can make you physically ill. Switch to a rock station and listen to Eminem's "Berzerk." It'll drive you less crazy.

America is a failed democracy with a twisted, corrupt economy

America, we are constantly reminded, is the richest, most powerful, most industrious and inventive nation on Earth, a beacon of democracy, a model for those who aspire to lives of liberty, equal opportunity and material comfort.

To quote the tell-it-like-it-is singer, Cee Lo Green, "Ain't that some shit?"