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Attention Populist Conservatives: Beware Ted Cruz

Attention populist conservatives who really want to stick it to the Establishment: perhaps, just perhaps, the best way to do that is not by supporting a candidate who GRADUATED FROM HARVARD LAW SCHOOL!

It is possible that Ted Cruz’s anti-Establishment conservative rhetoric is entirely sincere.

It is possible that Ted Cruz is not sincere and that his feisty populist conservative persona is a role he is playing, but one that he is playing primarily for his own benefit.

A new Etiquette de Toilette: Let's stop flushing forests and wasting water

When you slip into the restroom for a little tinkle, you probably don't realize that you are participating in massive environmental genocide -- but you are. Millions of gallons of water swoosh down the tubes every day, even as water becomes an ever-more precious and limited resource, and the specter of global drought and conflict looms (the U.S. has declared water a "national security issue"). On top of that, more than the equivalent of 9.8 million trees are flushed down the toilet every year, according to Claude Martin of Worldwide Fund for Nature.

Foreclosure Starts Rise 5.5% in January; Foreclosure Pipeline Still Well Over 4 Years Long

The Mortgage Monitor (pdf) from Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS, formerly LPS Data & Analytics) is a mostly graphics presentation that covers a variety of mortgage related issues each month. After summarizing the monthly stats, we'll take a look at a few of the graphics from this month's section on foreclosures.

The 3.1% Drop in January Wholesale Sales, Stagnant Business Inventories, and Widespread Lower Prices

The most widely watched release the past week was on retail sales for February from the Census Bureau; but there were also two Census reports on January inventories which will contribute to that major component of first quarter GDP: January wholesale trade and January business inventories.

It's the game dummy !!!!!

The Economy! Jobs! Peace! The elephant in the room is embarrassed he is so big and nobody sees him. NFL, MLB, NBA and NASCAR. They are the answer. Make it about the game and not winning. You make it about the game and everybody wins. You make it about winning and the game is over. What does major entertainment have that eludes the best economic and political minds. They realize you have too keep it interesting to keep it alive. You do that by making it a level playing field. No one participant is allowed to use unbridled power to sweep the table. The game is the economy.

Choosing between jobs or income.

If jobs did not sustain life they would have no value worth considering. They do and I will. As financiers find cheaper, faster and easier ways to make money jobs related investments become increasingly less desirable. Making money has increasingly chosen non entrepreneurial investments. Investing in derivatives and similar types of hedging has become a very streamlined non labor source of income. Labor problems, workers compensation, long duration for return on investment and similar complications are making product and service sources of money unattractive.