Nurses Being Sued For Walking Off The Job

A CNN video tells the tale of
10 nurses that chose to walk off the job
after repeated attempts failed to repair mis-management practices with their employer. All 10 nurses are being sued by the owner of the Long Island Nursing home they were employed at. The criminal charges - Endangering the welfare of a child and endangering the welfare of a physical disabled person. The nurses, all guest worker visa holders from the Philippines had attempted to resolve the disputes over long shifts and insufficient staffing (at times there was just 1 lonely nurse scheduled to care for 11-12 patients). All 10 nurses turned their letters of resignations on the same day. No patient suffered any ill affects. The county DA says the lack of sufficient noticed turned this into a criminal case. It is interesting to note - Just one nurse was scheduled to work the day the 10 submitted their resignations and only two nurses were scheduled for the following day.
Who put the patients at risk? The 10 nurses that resigned or the Avalon Garden Nursing Home?




and they are all guest worker Visas, does it say which one?

Most guest worker Visas mean because they quit the employer doesn't have to pay the way home (H-1B) but to file criminal charges is pretty incredible.

World Socialist has more details. They were lied to about their wages (what a surprise, this is systemic).

My understanding also from Nurses unions that a real shortage is questionable. They are creating a shortage by refusing to expand nursing colleges and pay Professors what they are worth. One person told me you have to have a higher GPA to get into nursing school than Medical school.
So, I guess they are simply offshore outsourcing education and opportunity again.

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