Sunday Morning Comics - Auto Warriors Edition

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Outsourcing Continues is having a video bail out contest. Now they are subscription Hayek folk (hey how did that work out fer ya?), ya know the drill, it's all socialism, therefore bad, but on corporatism, it appears we have a bi-partisan issue. Here are some of the entries:


I was alerted to this contest by this next video creator:" alt="TARP quarterly profits" width="525" />" alt="the other swine flu" width="525" />" alt="the other swine flu" width="525" />" alt="shoots pirates" width="525" />



That autoworkers vid is brutal

but so good. I sent it to my buddy on Facebook who lost his job at at International Harvester when they shut the plant down.

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it's not funny either

and that's because one network, literally, I mean literally is coming up with a reality show of small businesses having to pick one person to be laid off.

I put it on EP,somewhere in the labor forum.

In other words, the onion did a spoof but because it's so true to's not would be way funny if it wasn't so in reality.

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