August 2016

The enemy is us.

Your government is on red alert: between 2006 and 2014, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), an agency of the Department of Agriculture, spent nearly $4.8 million to purchase shotguns, propane cannons, liquid explosives, pyro supplies, drones, thermal imaging cameras, and more.

The Tin Ear of Free Trade Advocates

As an unabashed supporter of Donald Trump and a conservative who has long been of the paleo-populist persuasion, I frequently find myself engaged in online debates with “regular” conservatives, and one of our most common and contentious topics is the virtues of free trade. One of my frequent foils on the matter recently directed me to this op-ed by radio talk show host and senior fellow at the Heartland Institute, Ross Kaminsky.

Industrial Production Soared in July

The Federal Reserve Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization report shows industrial production had a 0.7% blowout for July.  This is the largest increase since November 2014.  Manufacturing production by itself increased 0.5% and was the biggest advance since July 2015.  Even mining increased 0.7% for the month.  Utilities' 2.1% increase was due to the very warm weather.

If It’s Really About Conservative Purity Then Endorse Darrell Castle or Shut Up

Anti-Trump “conservatives” act as if they are the only group of people who have ever faced having a nominee of their party that they don’t like and don’t believe represents their party well, but I’ve got news for them. They aren’t. A lot of conservatives weren’t satisfied with Romney, McCain, Bush II, Dole, Bush I, etc. Guess what, Bernie supporters aren’t happy with Hillary and many leftists before weren’t happy with Kerry, etc. either, but the level of vitriol and the pathological inability to let it go and move on among the NeverTrumpers is unprecedented.

Retail Sales Show No Growth for July 2016

July 2016 retail sales were a real Wall Street let down as there was no change from June.  Gasoline sales plunged by -2.7%, yet most retailers had declining sales.  Auto sales and Amazon prime day were not enough to salvage overall retail sales.  Without autos & parts sales, retail sales would have dropped by -0.3% for the month.

Ignoring Economic Reality

Trump and Hillary have come out with the obligatory “economic plans.” Neither them nor their advisors, have any idea about what really needs to be done, but this is of no concern to the media.

The presstitutes operate according to “pay and say.” They say what they are paid to say and that is whatever serves the corporations and the government. This means that the presstitutes like Hillary’s economic plan and do not like Trump’s.

Q2 2016 Labor Productivity Declines By -0.5% as Labor Costs Rise

The BLS Productivity & Costs report for Q2 2016 shows labor productivity decreased -0.5% annualized.  Output increased 1.2% and hours worked increased 1.8%.  Unit Labor costs increased only 0.5% in Q2 2015.  The reason labor productivity declined was because economic output grew less than worked hours.  For the 2015 year, annual productivity rose 0.9%.

Evan McMullin? NeverTrump Still Doesn't Get It

We have long been promised that if the convention coup plot failed, as everyone who knows anything about the process knew it would, and Donald Trump emerged as the Republican nominee, that the NeverTrump bitter-enders planned to put forth an independent challenger to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to represent self-proclaimed “real conservatism” and/or “real Republicanism.” After some teasing by author Brad Thor that never materialized, NeverTrump has found its candidate.