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United States Universities Subsidizing The Competition

The below video exposes the University of Michigan recruiting and educating foreign nations in fields where companies are now laying off Americans. The video points out this is paid for by the US taxpayer, which begs the question, why is the US taxpayer subsidizing it's own economic destruction and why are our Universities, that we pay for, promoting this?

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CountryWide: Rigged Game

Why would Bank of America buy out irresponsible Countrywide?

Well, to avoid paying any taxes by writing off the massive bad loans, that's why.

And the Countrywide CEO? He gets $88M for running a major company into the ground, requiring a buyout, causing millions to lose their homes, setting up greedy, predatory mortgages where no one could pay them off.

Senator Bernie Sanders on Income Inequality

Bernie Sanders on the Senator Floor talking about U.S. Income Inequality.

Senator Sanders has been a strong advocate for the US middle class. He recently introduced Access for All America Act.

would provide primary health care for all Americans at a significant savings. The measure also would address a critical shortage of primary care physicians by encouraging more students to enter medical professions.