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Election Aftermath - Campaign Spending Could have Given Every Person $19 and Pot Wins!

shrinkmanThe spending was obscene. The campaign was an astounding 18 months of drum beats and cable noise over an electoral map where most states are not competitive for both parties. The Center for Responsible Politics estimates this election cost $6 billion.

Congressional Races

Now that the primary is over and many Progressives are now stunned at the realities of Obama being center (I always take that term to mean multinational corporations and the super rich agenda) and McCain is running around with the queen of offshore outsourcing, Carly Fiorina, who isn't even an economist, a huge question emerges of NOW WHAT?

The Economist's View has a good post on how to bring about transformative change we really need in this country.

Instead of shilling for Barack, or Hillary, or whoever, we should have been pressuring the candidates to work for our votes
we're like cheap dates