Outsourcing Pays Big to Private Companies While Americans Suffer

Remember how outsourcing was shoved down the throats of the American people by claiming it would save money and was more efficient?  Guess what, not only is costing more, the services now provided are dismal failures.  A new report, Out of Control describes the abysmal state and consequences of outsourcing public services.

The Failure of Obama's Website is Poetic Justice

Obama wants to import more foreign guest workers than there could possibly be jobs for in the United States per the demands of cheap labor corporate lobbyists.  Yet again, instead of focusing in on jobs for Americans, Obama is busy pushing comprehensive immigration reform which will absolutely decimate U.S. workers by flooding the very weak U.S. labor market.

It all Depends on what you call "Small Business"

Surfing the Internets I found a most interesting post by Chris Gunn, SBA continues to fabricate contracting data. Oh really? It seems the Small Business administration likes to re-categorize large multinational corporations as Mom & Pop operations in order to award them large amounts of government dough!

This year the SBA awarded $93.3 billion to Small Business in 2008. It appears the SBA also missed it's target in small business contract awards by a good 1.5% (ignoring the awarding of contracts to those not qualified).

The numbers are significantly inflated with some of the largest corporations in the world. In some cases the numbers even appear to be the result of fabrication by high-level government officials at the SBA and other government agencies.

Outsourcing the Government

Maybe this slipped your mind. The Bush administration pushed the outsourcing of U.S. government jobs, including moving Federal jobs offshore. EPI has just released a study showing those results insourced poverty to contractors while outsourcing the jobs.

In Outsourcing poverty: Federal contracting pushes down wages and benefits, K.Edwards, K. Filion, found:

Federal agencies have been under pressure to reduce the size of their workforce and cut costs, creating the incentive to outsource government work through contracts with private businesses for goods and services. Between 2000 and 2006, federal contract spending increased 69.1%—from $256 billion to $415 billion.

What is shocking in this report is 43% of all workers for the Federal Government are actually contractors.