What is DeLeveraging?

swarmsAll of a sudden words are buzzing like flies over the carnage.   Swatted and flying in rapid succession from analysts everywhere is the term  DeLeveraging.   Now what kind of beige, innocuous glossing over term does that imply on what's really happening?    Seeking Alpha defines deleveraging as Feedback Loops Gone Wild.    Ok, so what does that mean?

Virtuous circles (and their accompanying animal spirits) give way to vicious cycles, in which lower prices beget write-downs, which beget lower prices

Zacks tells you it's when:

Money goes to money heaven

Solving the Mortgage Crisis - Part I

I don't know about you all, but I was reading Ben Jones' Housing Bubble Blog 3 years ago when house prices were still climbing 20% a year and housing bulls were laughing at the bubbleheads. To them, the naysayers obviously missed the boat and were just sore losers who rented.

Way back in 2005 there were plenty of people (Federal reserve economists excepted of course) who saw the bubble and predicted that when the adjustable rate mortgage resets came due (beginning en masse in 2007) there was going to be one heckuva housing bust, and a cacophony of calls for a bailout of the greedy and the stupid.

Now that those predictions have come to pass, the question is, should we just let the mortgage/housing debacle play out, or are there ways to intervene that would be socially beneficial?

We ought to at least be able to narrow down the options, filtering out those that mainly bail out the greedy, or else entail too much cost or moral hazard. Of those options that remain, we ought to at least be able to narrow down areas of disagreement. Below are my suggestions.