Sunday Morning Comics - Post Election Edition

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Cup O' Joe

Good Morning! Rise and Shine! Get that Cup O' Joe...
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Below are political cartoons and one can see why McCain lost so badly. It's the economy stupid. Now that the Euphoria is passing the daunting task which lays ahead becomes real.

Road to the Dog House

We're Going to Stop Offshore Outsourcing, Really, Swear!

There has been enormous campaign rhetoric on tax incentives to offshore outsource American jobs. But can corporate tax policy alone really do much?

Firstly, what are Politicians even talking about? When corporations keep profits in a foreign country, they don't pay taxes on that money in the United States. A reasonable explanation:

Sunday Morning Comics - Election Edition

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Cup O' Joe

Good Morning! Rise and Shine! Get that Cup O' Joe...
break out the O.J....hang out with the pooch...time to check out the Funnies!

Today's theme are the best of the election campaign videos that are brazenly sexistracistrudebiasedlieshostile

Obama vs. McCain vs. America on the Economy

Right now the entire country seems to believe that Democrats will save the day on the economy and we're looking at a super majority for Democrats to gain complete control of the United States Government in this year's election results.

But, is this really true? Between the corporate lobbyists of the left and the corporate lobbyists on the right, will either party truly represent the national interest or working America's interests?

I have a premise that the only way to get the United States moving economically is to start producing, saving, exporting and raising up the middle class. I am not alone in this conclusion:

Plan 9 From Outer Space is Plan B

plan 9 from outer space
Now that the bail out and throwing money to Wall Street for bad debt isn't doing much, today we had a coordinated rate cut from central banks across the globe.

More money is proposed so Americans can go shopping instead of producing and AIG gets another $38 Billion.

Considering the magnitude of imminent Economic Armageddon, in last night's debate what do we get?  Spend, Spin, Platitudes and our favorite distraction, tax cuts. I often think we would be better with static and noise emanating from the idiot box than this absurd, vague drivel or deflection through attack to avoid the specifics on what will they do.

The Bomb - McCain vs. Obama Plans on the Financial Implosion

madison implodeNews moves at lightening speed.    One minute the story is Lehman Brothers going bankrupt, the next is Barclays is now going to buy some of it, in the asset fire sale in the bankruptcy court.


AIG is like watching a building implode, in slow motion.   Bank of America is buying Merrill Lynch, yet no one is questioning any of this, including their purchase of another in trouble mortgage firm, CountryWide.  

So, what specifically do these Presidential candidates plan to do about all of this? Right now, we have more finger pointing of the two campaigns with little details on actual policy plans or positions.

RNC - Trade Through the Spin Cycle

con artistOne of the Republican leadership's best tricks is to claim a bad policy is somehow good.    They say a lie with a complete straight face.    Not a blink, not even a nervous tick.    Nope.    No acknowledgment on how the United States is plain losing on bad trade deals.

Make no mistake, Republicans want more corporate written, NAFTA based, glorified outsourcing agreements.   Nary a statistic will be mentioned.  One is presented with the lie.  Bad is now good and upside down is right side up.


From the GOP platform:

Gas Prices - DO SOMETHING!

People, how hard is it? While candidates spew and describe the problem, people are going broke and the economy can potentially grind to a halt over gas prices! Here we are in an election and when almost every American knows what to do, our government cannot even get it together to pass initiatives and emergency legislation!

Here are some ideas to do something and do something right now!

  1. Telecommuting