peak oil

The White House, Big Oil, and the "American Power Act"

Michael Collins

This analysis looks behind the scenes at how the ban on offshore drilling was lifted and what that had to do with the ultimate prize for big oil, the American Power Act.  It focuses on the current administration.  That in no way implies that the problem originated in January 2009.  The out sized and destructive influence of the oil monopoly has been with us for since the 1870's.

Banning Offshore Drilling

In 1969 a Unocal oil rig off the coast of Santa Barbara, California began leaking oil.  The extent of the leak, damage to wildlife, and the shoreline caused considerable outrage.  The state of California banned offshore drilling shortly after the leak.  In 1980, Congress banned offshore drilling in most federally controlled waters.  President George H.W. Bush reluctantly banned off shore drilling in 1990 for California, Florida, Oregon and Washington and in the North Atlantic.

Peak Everything?!?

Are we...

In my last couple of blog entries I have suggested that data from past commodity driven recessions, as well as strongly supported evidence from the yield curve indicate that we may be near an inflation peak, and that as a result there might be a respite from this recession by the end of the year.

In a number of places on the econoblogosphere this position has been criticized, and in general the criticism comes down to two words: "Peak Oil!". I put that in caps and with an exclamation point because the argument is that "Peak Oil!" explains everything.