Elizabeth Warren Interview - Paulson Lied to Us on TARP Exchanges

Elizabeth Warren, Congressional Oversight Panel Chair for TARP funds did not say Paulson lied. But to fit it in the title of the Instapopulist, I am summing it up for you.

Below is a Bloomberg interview where when COP cranked the numbers, they discovered for every dollar given in TARP funds, on the day it was given, the United States received 66¢ in shares, warranties. In other words, former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson told the panel one thing, that the funds with a direct 1:1 ratio exchange for stocks and warrenties and the reality was another, by the numbers. It was a $78 Billion dollar subsidy with no return, straight out of the box and this is the actual day of transaction. In other words a $78 billion giveaway to the banks.