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Woman denied credit because reporting agency said she was dead

Some stories you just cannot let pass by.

A woman was denied a refinance on her home because Experian credit reporting agency decided she was dead.

"(They said) 'We don't care, we have to get a credit score and without that credit score, we can't make the loan and we can't get a credit score because you're deceased. Now we know you're not deceased, but they think you are. So we're not going to do this loan,'" Kerr said.

Tis a problem? Hey, we don't care that you're not dead and have a credit score of 800, Experian says you are dead so we're going to deny you a loan!

Think these credit scoring agencies have just a little too much power?

Howe's Experian credit report had her listed as deceased. One of her creditors had reported her as dead.