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Durable Goods for March 2010 - New Orders down -1.3%

The Durable Goods advance report for March 2010 was released yesterday and showed a -1.3% decrease for new orders. Just like last month, the report (original on Census.gov), was driven by non-defense commercial aircraft & parts, which plunged in new orders, -67.1% in a month. As mentioned previously, air-o-planes and such are huge, big ticket items and also something not ordered every day, so the below will look at the overall report, trying to remove this volatile metric.

Durable Goods for January 2010 - New Orders Flying Up, literally, by 3%

New orders for Durable goods increased 3% for January.

Before you get all excited, it's all aircraft. Nondefense aircraft and parts had a 126% increase in new orders. What is more interesting is shipments in this same category dropped 18.1%. Previously mentioned, aircraft is a particularly volatile number. Obviously each order represents millions, sometimes billions and if someone cancels? Well.

Without aircraft Durable goods new orders actually dropped -0.6%.

Durable Goods (M3) for December 2009 - New Orders Another Flatline, up 0.3%

Durable goods new orders is flat lined for yet another month, at a 0.3% increase since last month. The big news is the November new orders for durable goods was revised, now at a -0.4% decline, but when reported it was a 0.2% increase. So, this makes this months numbers look better but really this isn't a strong report.

I mean look at this graph since the start of the official recession: