Indian offshorers want to offshore outsource U.S. Government contracts & more American jobs

From an obscure newsletter on Emerging Markets comes this report:

Infosys and Wipro Set Up Units to Bag Government IT Outsourcing Contracts


Infosys Technology and Wipro Technologies, two of the most prominent Indian IT firms, are setting up centers to tap growing opportunities in the USD 100 billion government IT outsourcing market. Both the companies have not only started investing in marketing campaigns to attract more clients globally, but have also began recruiting consultants and experts from government companies for placing them in the markets of India, the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

IBM Fires another 5,000 - Offshore Outsourcing Jobs Right and Left

IBM is firing yet another 5,000 workers, offshore outsources their jobs and forcing highly skilled Americans to educate and train their cheap offshore replacements. In just the past 2 months IBM has victimized 10,000 workers in this manner. Meanwhile IBM is running an expensive ad campaign to get U.S. government contracts, particularly Stimulus money. That's right, your tax dollars.

Do we really want to award U.S. taxpayer money to a company who routinely forces it's employees to train their replacements only to be fired?

Alliance @ IBM has some details:

Do not Give IBM Stimulus Contracts

Do we really want our Stimulus money, U.S. taxpayer money going to India? Well, if they let IBM get at it we assuredly will.

As the economy continues to reel from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and jobless claims amass in droves, creating jobs for American workers has become a focal point of American recovery. As the stimulus money is being doled out, one notorious outsourcer has developed a media campaign to get stimulus money for smart grid technologies.

IBM announced that is planning to seek a portion of the $2.5 billion that was set aside to stimulate broadband rollouts for rural America. Smart grid systems deliver electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to save energy and cost. This electricity network is being promoted by numerous governments as a way to address energy independence and global warming.

IBM Lobbying in Press for Smart Grid Stimulus

I've been watching IBM on their media barrage trying to get Stimulus money for Smart Grid Technologies.

Don't Give it to Them.

Why would I come out so strongly against IBM as well as G.E. to get government money for a smart grid power distribution system?

It's really simple. IBM offshore outsources and displaces U.S. workers. Also, they seem to be going down hill on efficient and effective project deployment.

Alliance@IBM AFL-CIO affiliated union will tell you all about IBM's labor arbitrage practices. IBM even told U.S. workers to offshore outsource themselves.

IBM to Fired U.S. Workers - Offshore Outsource Yourself!

Here is the epitome of labor arbitrage and the obvious inhuman view IBM has on it's employees.

IBM is telling soon to be fired U.S. and Canadian workers they can have a job, but only if they move to India or China and work for Indian and Chinese wages. (It is yet to be seen what India and China have to say about this with foreigners coming in and taking jobs!).

Information Week has the details:

The climate is warm, there's no shortage of exotic food, and the cost of living is rock bottom. That's IBM's pitch to the laid-off American workers it's offering to place in India. The catch: Wages in the country are pennies-on-the-dollar compared to U.S. salaries.

Is Obama the Offshore Outsourcing President?

Yesterday Obama nominated the most notorious offshore outsourcing Senate advocate, Judd Gregg, for Commerce Secretary.

Today global labor arbitrage and offshore outsourcing expert, expert, Dr. Ron Hira, spells out the hidden multinational corporate offshore outsourcing agenda in an op-ed, The Obama administration promotes outsourcing:

We know from a recent EE Times survey that offshoring is the No. 1 career concern for EEs. The Obama Administration has been in office just a few weeks now, but we already know how it will address the offshoring of engineering jobs.

It will promote it.

Big Brother IBM - It's a Brave New World

Here Comes Big Brother and it's in the form of Big Blue.

IBM mind control
Yup, every move you make, every thought you take is now being put into databases for analysis by software.

That's right and the number one target for IBM: their own employees.

By building mathematical models of its own employees, IBM aims to improve productivity and automate management

Ah, I see, the world can be just a nest of worker bees with automated software monitoring your every move.

Do you drink too much? Do you eat too many Twinkies? Hell, big brother knows because we have your profile.