IBM Fires another 5,000 - Offshore Outsourcing Jobs Right and Left

IBM is firing yet another 5,000 workers, offshore outsources their jobs and forcing highly skilled Americans to educate and train their cheap offshore replacements. In just the past 2 months IBM has victimized 10,000 workers in this manner. Meanwhile IBM is running an expensive ad campaign to get U.S. government contracts, particularly Stimulus money. That's right, your tax dollars.

Do we really want to award U.S. taxpayer money to a company who routinely forces it's employees to train their replacements only to be fired?

Alliance @ IBM has some details:

Starting next week several Hartford delivery teams will be working directly with fellow IBM team members from India to begin the second phase of our Global delivery solution planned for the Hartford account. The teams will be engaged in a multi-week effort to facilitate knowledge transfer to prepare for migration of specific work activities to global delivery counterparts later in 2009

For all of you not familiar with corporate screw job speak, knowledge transfer means training your own replacement before being fired.

Earlier IBM told employees to offshore outsource themselves.

Just say No! NO WAY should IBM receive one dime of U.S. federal and state contract money. But either should offshore outsourcing body shops (which IBM basically is, along with HP)!

Forget it. We can easily take all of these highly skilled workers, create new companies and give them the contract. After all, they were just forced to train their replacements! Wouldn't it be better to enable ex-IBMers to say screw you IBM and not train their replacements for the benefit of India and China, take that expertise to a new U.S. corporation and put all of those skills to work for America?

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We are almost at the point

Where we may need to repeal Article I, Section 10, of the US Constitution. It's become damned clear that nobody in the federal government gives a shit about citizens or protecting domestic jobs & lives, maybe if the states were legally able to run their own economies things would be smaller, but we'd be better off.
Moral hazards would not exist in a system designed to eliminate fraud.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.


yep seeb!
The problem is that the world had become a global group... it is not a sum of the countries anymore. Group theory says group is its own worst enemy. Individual countries like USA are sticking to the global group, following the global tendency, borrowing assets from the global group, purchasing goods and services from the global group, even training member elements of the global group and delivering goods and services to the global group. What they fail to understand is that the answer to a problem can't be found inside the system which created it. You have to, either introduce an alien element to the group in order to solve the problem or get out of the system which created the problem, hence the answer is: go away from the global group…. Get out of the crowd.

Obama and Evil Bill

Unemployed Americans want their jobs back from India and China. Obama promised that he will bring back our jobs. It looks like his phone buddy Bill Gates got to him. Forget about the American middle class they don't need those low paying jobs. They just need high paying Green Jobs. The only green jobs out there are landscaping and selling marijuana. Sometimes these politicians really think they can sell us the Brooklyn bridge. Extremely disappointed with Obama.

Not cool

Let IBM and the US government know you are against US tax payer money going to create jobs offshore!

IBM to patent offshoring system

IBM is now trying to patent their offshoring system that maximizes government subsidies while sending jobs overseas!

What IBM is doing is nothing

What IBM is doing is nothing but a nasty business! Of course they will not have to be accountable to anyone for what they are doing but definitely it’s all about humanity and business ethics. I think the way IBM is going… its reputation will be destroyed very soon.

Stateless Elite

What next -- patent a method for safecracking? As we have seen, innovation is not necessarily a good thing. Thank God the patent and Trademark office didn't get an application from Leibnitz! The "Stateless Elite" will try to erase boundaries wherever they can, and all labor, like capital, becomes a commodity. The interests of the citizens mean nothing to the Stateless Elite.
Control of governments and international economic institutions by the SE means that concerns like justice, democracy, and reciprocity are in serious need of re-thinking. If the SE wants the protection of the nation state, they will need to develop some sense of loyalty. Thomas Watson (and his son, Thomas Jr.) must be turning over in their graves.
Frank T.

Frank T.

Offshorers are confusing

Offshorers are confusing cause and effect, They say they need to offshore due to labor shortage, but the will NEVER hire a U.S. junior programmer.
U.S. computer science majors can't get jobs so they don't study programming, Thus, the offshorers CREATE a labor shortage.
The damage to our country is extensive, and we may not recover.

As businesses outsource or

As businesses outsource or offshore, how do those layoffs impact the rate of fraud in the environment?