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China Eastern Jiangsu Provence raises minimum wage, wow $140 a month!

While one might think this is better news for U.S. workers, in terms of global labor arbitrage, it's probably only good news for the Chinese. A Chinese province raises minimum wage 13% to a whopping $140 USD a month!

A decision by the province that is China’s second-biggest exporter to raise minimum wage rates has heightened expectations that other provinces and cities will soon follow, just as the central government’s attention is shifting from economic stimulus to rising inflation.

Eastern Jiangsu province, which exports more than Brazil and South Africa combined, raised its monthly minimum wage rate 13 per cent to Rmb960 ($140) last week. It was the first time the rate had been adjusted in two years.

Universal Living Wage

I am not sure how I came across this idea of Universal Living Wage. It is an idea that should get more attention particularly from policy makers in Washington. It addresses many of the issues related to the current shortcomings of our current minimum wage.

Some people might be saying how can you talk about minimum wage increases when we have unemployment (official) at 9.4%. I say to them: "go suck an egg". The increase in the minimum wage, currently at $6.55 per hour and is expected to go up to $7.25 per hour on July 24, 2009, may have actually created some economic stimulus.