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The Oil Slick From Hell - Why isn't this an Immediate Federal Direct Jobs Program?

As the oil spill from hell looks to coat all of the Gulf coast and kill every breathing thing that cannot run or fly away, why isn't the Federal Government immediately setting up a direct jobs program to clean up and deal with the disaster?

Some jobs are appearing:

Hundreds stood in a line that wrapped around Workforce Escarosa in Pensacola this morning to apply for positions on a cleanup crew for the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.

Brittany Bailey, business services outreach representative, said Escarosa is recruiting 300 to 500 Gulf Coast workers for a Texas-based workforce development company called Advanced Employment Solutions.

"They need the manpower immediately," she said.

Fishermen in Louisiana are being contracted by BP to help with the mess:

Ready to Go Jobs, Shovel Ready Jobs - Here Come the Lobbyists!

As previously discussed, the devil always resides in the details of a large appropriations bill from Congress and the Stimulus is no exception.

Now Congress is trying to ascertain which jobs would be ready to go, shovel ready or quickly created from the upcoming Stimulus package.

Aha! Earmarks are banned you say? No problem say the lobbyists!

It won't be in legislative language that overtly sets aside money for them. That's the infamous practice known as earmarking, which Obama and Democratic congressional leaders have agreed to nix for the massive stimulus package, expected to come up for a House vote this week.