Whistle Blower to Oversee Stimulus Money

The Obama administration will be appointing a whistle blower to oversee the deployment of the Stimulus money. Wow!

President Barack Obama plans to announce Monday a former Secret Service agent who helped expose lobbyists' corruption at the Interior Department as his pick to oversee the $787 billion economic stimulus plan.

Obama is set to name Earl Devaney as chairman of the new Recovery Act Transparency and Accountability Board, an administration official said Sunday. Vice President Joe Biden also will be given a role coordinating oversight of stimulus spending.

Now my question, as notorious outsourcers like IBM and G.E. lobby and even run TV ads to get a piece of the pie in large contracts....will they award them to smaller corporations who hire U.S. citizens, do not labor arbitrage or incorporate offshore to avoid taxes?

IBM Lobbying in Press for Smart Grid Stimulus

I've been watching IBM on their media barrage trying to get Stimulus money for Smart Grid Technologies.

Don't Give it to Them.

Why would I come out so strongly against IBM as well as G.E. to get government money for a smart grid power distribution system?

It's really simple. IBM offshore outsources and displaces U.S. workers. Also, they seem to be going down hill on efficient and effective project deployment.

Alliance@IBM AFL-CIO affiliated union will tell you all about IBM's labor arbitrage practices. IBM even told U.S. workers to offshore outsource themselves.

China warns on US Stimulus related Debt

China has issued a warning on U.S. debt:

"To rescue the ailing U.S. economy by increasing government borrowing will create a record-high federal deficit," said Yu Zuyao, economist with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a government think tank.

"This can further lead to catastrophic consequences such as serious inflation and U.S. dollar depreciation," he said Tuesday.

"Buying U.S. government bonds amid an economic downturn, [a purchase] that is not based on the sound performance of the U.S. economy itself, indicates a huge bubble," said Zuo Xiaolei, chief economist of China Galaxy Securities.

e in the interests of the United States and other countries and would exacerbate the crisis."

Here Come the Lobbyists to the Stimulus Bill

Right on time. It's bad enough one cannot get policy firmly planted in economic reality through Congress but after they pass something, oh boy, that's when the real fun starts.

In this article:

The conference will be an inviting target to lobbyists. Housing advocates are lobbying conferees to add additional funds for communities to buy and rehabilitate foreclosed properties.

In trying to get in even a symbolic gesture that just maybe U.S. taxpayer dollars should go to hiring U.S. workers, we have these million dollar paid for hit men:

Business groups and immigration advocates hope to remove a controversial provision from the Senate's economic stimulus bill that would restrict companies receiving federal bailout funds from hiring highly skilled foreign workers

AP Investigation: Bail Out Banks sought foreign workers instead of U.S. workers!

This is a bombshell. Banks, while receiving billions in TARP bail out money and firing U.S. workers right and left sought foreign workers. The associated press did an investigation on where your taxpayer money is going and this is what they found!

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Major U.S. banks sought government permission to bring thousands of foreign workers into the country for high-paying jobs even as the system was melting down last year and Americans were getting laid off, according to an Associated Press review of visa applications.

EPI Caterpillar Call Out - The Real Reason Behind The Effort to Stop the U.S. from Buying American - Outsourcing!

The Economic Policy Institute has quite the informational reality check on precisely why Catepiller, GE and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are working so hard to strip from the Stimulus anything which remotely....creates jobs in America:

Obama Stimulus Plan Funds Offshore Outsourcing! Technical Jobs for Americans Denied!

This is pure outrage! Here is our Congress, supposedly out to create jobs in the United States for Americans and this is what they do!

IT amendment for US workers, US companies stripped by Congressional Democrats from Stimulus:

Congressional Democrats stripped from President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan a local lawmaker's bid to assure that American high-tech companies would get jobs funded by that plan.

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Upper St. Clair, said his amendment would have required that any health information technology system bought under a $20 billion grant program in the stimulus package be manufactured in the United States by American workers.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce is Anti-American - Tries to Stop Public Funds of Stimulus to Buy U.S. Goods

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce should be stripped, legally denied the ability to use United States in their title.

In a history of lobbying demands against the United States, including businesses, they are at it once again, trying to strip out provision from U.S. taxpayer money buying U.S. made materials, goods.

In Buy American or Bye America:

Bail Out Déjà Vu - Experts, Reps Say Stimulus Needs Work, So Why is Congress Ramrodding the Bill?

It's only $875 billion dollars and counting. But don't stop rushing and ramrodding unread or not thoroughly analyzed bills through Congress!

WaPo has some of the dissent.

In testimony before the House Budget Committee yesterday, Alice M. Rivlin, who was President Bill Clinton's budget director, suggested splitting the plan, implementing its immediate stimulus components now and taking more time to plan the longer-term transformative spending to make sure it is done right.

U.S. Corporations Demand the U.S. Taxpayer Should Not Buy American

One must love our Benedict Arnold corporations. In the Economic Stimulus package currently being crafted in Congress, the U.S. chamber of Commerce, G.E. and Catepiller are trying to strip out the Buy American provisions in the bill.

Ok, the U.S. is in trouble and we are going to use U.S. taxpayer funds to stimulate our economy....
therefore our U.S. corporations try to fight support of U.S. manufacturing, goods, raw materials and demand they do not have to buy materials and supplies from other American companies.

In Corporate Citizen - an Oxymoron?, are some policy recommendations to get our corporations and businesses in line with the United States national interest.