U.S. Chamber of Commerce is Anti-American - Tries to Stop Public Funds of Stimulus to Buy U.S. Goods

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce should be stripped, legally denied the ability to use United States in their title.

In a history of lobbying demands against the United States, including businesses, they are at it once again, trying to strip out provision from U.S. taxpayer money buying U.S. made materials, goods.

In Buy American or Bye America:

Nothing in the Democrats' stimulus bill has created as much fuss as a provision in the House bill that requires that American steel be used in the infrastructure projects that it funds. Washington business lobbies dominated by multinational corporations have mobilized against it. The Washington Post and The Economist have railed against it, accusing the Democrats of re-enacting Smoot-Hawley legislation, the 1931 tariff that is often blamed for contributing to a world depression in the 1930s. Vice President Joe Biden has come to the defense of the provision, but the President, his press secretary said, "is reviewing that provision."

So with all those voices of authority lined up against it, and with the White House waffling, there must be something wrong with the provision. Well, not really, or not necessarily. If the U.S. enjoyed full employment, and a trade surplus, then a provision like this would be unnecessary, if not superfluous or harmful. But that's not the situation in the U.S. today. We're in a classic downward spiral that the private sector cannot hope to reverse by itself. The government has to step in to create demand for consumer and investment goods. And if it wants to create or preserve jobs, it has to make sure that the money is not used to widen the trade deficit.

Even worse, the gigantic lobbyist group the "U.S." Chamber of Commerce, plain owns the media. Almost all of the main stream media is spinning the concept of using U.S. taxpayer funds designed to stimulate the United States economy, provide Americans with jobs....is somehow wrong.

Get some patriotism Chamber of Commerce or stop using our nation in your title.

Trade Reform has the action item on how textiles is under attack.

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Us Patent Trademark Office

On the topic of using US in names . Let's take a look at changing the US patent and trademark laws. Why should the American taxpayer support govermental laws allowing companies to use US patent law to protect their names and products when manufacturing is shipped to other countries? We as American taxpayers should push to have this changed. Products not made in US and companies not manufacturing/headquartered in the US do not deserve the protection of US patents or trademark/registered names. These companies are using the US laws for private gain, this needs to stop. Our government seems to approve of this for some reason?