Transmission Lines

T. Boone Pickens Can't Get Transmission Lines

T. Boone Pickens is scrapping his alternative energy mega wind farm because he cannot raise $2 billion for the needed transmission lines.

Rosser said Mesa Power was also unable to borrow $2 billion for transmission lines to link the wind farm to the Texas grid. "Now we're going to wait for the state to put the transmission [lines] in, which will invariably be slower than what we were planning," Rosser said.

What is strange is he has $2 Billion of Wind Turbines already. I don't quite understand why he would order so many Wind Turbines without the infrastructure in place to get the generated electricity out to cities.

But since D.C. is so busy wasting money right and left, one would think they could strike a deal with good ole T. Boone with some sort of return on investment in the future.