75 Sq. Ft.

75 Square Feet. That's the size of the average space the American worker gets these days. That's right, you're packed in like sardines. From the incredible shrinking cubicle:

According to the International Facility Management Association, the average American office worker had 90 square feet of work space in 1994, but by 2010, that same worker was down to just 75 square feet of personal space in which to stretch out on the job.

Nor are office drones the only casualty of this spacial downsizing trend. Senior company officials have seen their offices shrink as well, from an average of 115 square feet in 1994 to 96 square feet in 2010.

Whoever invented the cubicle should go down as one of the great destroyers of the human psyche. A subtle, slow, long, torturous squeeze of bland grays and blues designed to drain whatever personality you had right to the trashcan under your feet.

People spend more and more of their time working and now are spending more and more of their time in a space size that would drive a dog mad. Many prison cells are bigger than this.

The article continues on touting work outside the office, yet in some of the corporations cited, the 40 hour work week has never existed. Intel, for example, is notorious to have 60 hour and greater work weeks.

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