Accountablity? That's for the mere citizens....Not CEOs...nor House Chairmen, eh Barney?

Gosh Barney, what's up with this. I've been a big fan of yours, more fool me it would seem, as I've watched you go up against the GOP on the cable bloviator fests. But what about this Barn?

As usual there is clearly more going on here than meets the eye!

I found the part where Rep Sherman noted that, yes Virginia, he is hearing from his constituents about 'accountability' which clearly means something different in the D.C. Village than it does out here in taxpayer land.

I have seen just a slight amount of 'reporting' in the blogosphere to the effect that Congress is hearing from the people on this and the other pending economic legislation and 'plans'. Others here and elsewhere have spoken to the effect that our legislators are not listening. Perhaps it's time to...


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My understanding is Frank, along with Dodd has received millions in campaign contributions by financial sector lobbyists.

I know you are pretty partisan A. but this is where one really needs to follow the money.

The fact they pushed the original bail out through while there were many experts recommending much, much cheaper recommendations that were at least proven to work in other nations and with the past S&L crisis.

It's positively insane.

and while I will rail on the executive class excesses, it's a mere drop in the bucket in comparison to the real issue, $1.8 trillion dollars!

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ALWAYS follow the money

And if you do, you'll end up like me- so far outside of American Politics that I'm stuck voting either religion (Chuck Baldwin, last Presidential election) or economics (Ron Paul or even going back a few years to my first Presidential Election, Ross Perot).

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Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.