Bailouts for rich investors, wage cuts for union workers

On the same day that Bush, predictably, conditioned auto bailouts on "renegotiating" union contracts, we are treated to the spectacle of wealthy investors in Madoff's fund, organizing to demand bailout money from the little people, er, I mean, taxpayers.

Due diligence is obviously for saps. Why is it only the little people are supposed to know that you never, ever, put all of your eggs in one basket?


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free markets and risk only for workers. That's the new America.

And it's not looking good for Obama either. His new DOL secretary is busy enabling global labor arbitrage while in Congress. You can have all of the Free Employee Choice Act you want and it doesn't mean a hill of beans when one floods the labor market or further enables offshore outsourcing.

What I find incredible are the talking heads in conservative land attacking the workers and their audience are workers. What's wrong with these people to not put their attention to the investor and executive class on what's wrong?

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