Bank of America to Fire 35,000 Workers

Considering what's coming, this might be nothing. I'm wondering if they are going to slash those offshore outsourced jobs or is it just Americans?

BoA to cut 35,000:

Bank of America said late Thursday that it plans to cut up to 35,000 jobs over the next three years as the financial giant adjusts to a recession and completes the pending acquisition of brokerage firm Merrill Lynch & Co.
This comes as the latest wave of mass layoffs in the troubled financial sector, which has been crippled by the credit crunch and the failure of large institutions such as Lehman Brothers More than 220,000 jobs already have been lost across the sector this year, according to labor-tracking firm Challenger Gray & Christmas.

Oh how they love to give the news during the holidays. At this point I'm wondering if there is any American left who at one time or another didn't get a pink slip in their Christmas stocking.

What's the reason? Well, a recession but also a merger. Couldn't have anything to do with the end of the road with predatory lending and no money down ARM mortgages to process?

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