Bush - "We Don't Want to Throw Good Money After Bad"

One must really wonder why it is that AIG gets immediate money, $235 billion worth, no problem, no media reports on their doubling of their salaries and yet our current President says this on a $15 Billion dollar auto manufacturing industry bridge loan:

These are important companies, but on the other hand, we just don't want to put good money after bad

Excuse me? Why is it Bank of America gets money and now will not even extend credit to that window manufacturer in Chicago and who then shut down, unable to make payroll and yet the Bush administration seemingly is trying to block a $15 Billion dollar bridge loan from money that had already been appropriated, when that money means 3 million jobs.

We even get a Bush named car tzar.

What, is that so they can offshore outsource the rest of the jobs to China and India before the term is up?

Anyone else smell a huge rat?

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It makes more sense

When you think in Stalinesque terms:

To Bush, good money is money that goes to his friends, bad money goes to anybody else.

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Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

The one defining characteristic of the Bush Administration

is their immunity from irony and double-standards. They act like they cannot even see them, and the media absolutely refuses to call them on it.
If it wasn't for the Daily Show you would never even hear about it from your TV.

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Corporate cherry picker

I know, they should be all over this story on why some companies just get handed wads of cash and others are denied and why specifically that is and they are not.

If you caught the Friday Night Video on the privatization, corruption, bloat, no bid contracts, (and no one even mentions the many DHS contracts where they get billions for technology that absolutely will not work in the field, some of the stuff has a > 5% error rate in lab conditions!)

and since it's off the radar I thought maybe something had improved, but nope, those same companies it appears have gotten more money!

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B of A had a 'change of heart'

Once certain people got involved to back the worker's play. Read about it here:

Republic’s Fired Workers Win Victory in Bank of America Battle

No one, outside the far right wing of the Republican Party, such as Mitch McConnell cares about what Bush says. Yes, he's still 'in charge' and every move he and his inept, thieving minions is being shadowed by Obamas' Chicago operation and will be met with a correction once Obama is in.


The era of one psychotic fool and his deluded followers is over. Obama has the stones to squash anyone who gets in his way and I expect him to do so. As to my linked post, do not, do not think that this episode is lost on millions of workers in similar position. And Obama lent the 'bully pulpit' to the principle of equity for those who shower after work. He did so in a timely manner. One could not ask for a better response short of him visiting the factory. And that may come.

The implications of Obama's and the worker's actions here should not be lost on anyone.




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'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'

workers win!

That is one win for workers. If they had not given BoA such bad press, it sure wouldn't have happened.

Should be an Instapopulist in and of itself!

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Some subtext to today's news

I found this to be a little too coincidental.
Within 24 hours of the Ill. Governor threatening BofA's business, he winds up in jail.

I'm not questioning whether he should be in jail. I'm only questioning whether the authorities might have been prompted to move more quickly.

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I noticed that too

and then I listened to some of the tape. Is it really selling the Senate seat or is it political payback peddling?

(as if that doesn't go on, hell, half of Obama's cabinet is pure payback perk)

I found that coincidental just like Spitzer getting busted for call girls about the time he was launching into an investigation on the financial sector.

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Suckers born everyday

When the admin was losing hundreds of millions in Iraq
on pallets under the Viceroy Paulie Coreleone Bremer
no one batted an eye. The Wall St mobsters got bailed out without a hitch. Paulson shorted and made 3 billion
Now the Americans are told good money after bad?

The whole GM story is not being accurately told

to the American people

GM to Hire 500 in India

Submitted by Robert Oak on Tue, 12/09/2008 - 13:29. GM India Insourcing/Outsourcing jobs
Who says hypocrisy isn't in full swing on the hill?
Indian Newpapers are reporting GM to hire 500 new workers for their new India plant and look at the glow of GM hiring while in the United States GM goes begging to not declare immediate bankruptcy:
It may be laying off factory workers in its troubled home market US, but General Motors will be hiring new workers in India at its new plant at Talegaon in Maharashtra as the company expands .
"Recruitment is on at full swing in India and we plan to hire as many as 500 new workers for our Talegaon plant in the coming months," GM India president and MD Karl Slym told TOI.
GM India is a GM subsidiary and GM has already poured $8.1 Billion into India and China.
Please remember that Citigroup, all of the financial institutions, have offshore outsourced heavily also and Bank of America was so rude towards workers, one of them committed suicide in the BoA parking lot after being fired so his job could go to India.

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They need to bring this up in the Senate

Since they are doing final deliberations on the aid. My question is when was the expansion planned?

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