Citizens Revolt

This video will probably go viral in the next day or two. Perhaps this is why Congress is looking to give the President the power to shut down the internet in times of "national crises".

Anyway, this isn't the first person I know who is doing it, but she is the first to use youtube. Watching it is very cathartic!

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credit score

This is why this "credit score" is a real problem. It seems they are trying to get "credit score" used as much as order to negatively affect people's lives.

I'm talking about using credit scores to determine if you can get a job, insurance rates, profiling.

The U.S. government esp. should have security clearances challenged. They use credit scores and a host of other methods which are not relevant today. Make matters worse we had a host of high profile Bush administration officials, who had the top level security clearances...and these are the ones where they are supposed to go interview the neighbors, polygraph, talk to family...I mean a very heavy duty background check...yet two pedophiles managed to get those clearances.

But the average U.S. citizen just trying to get a tech job gets denied over financial's just ridiculous metric to deny someone a clearance over. Same kind of deal if someone had every smoked pot. Well, by today's standards, that's what? a good 80% of the population?

The real question should be alcohol, general "are you buzzed out all of the time, are you an addict/alcoholic, active, practicing", not if someone tried weed when they were 15.

One thing is certain, interest rates of 20%, 24%, 30% are clearly loan shark rates.

I also saw a show where "debt collections" are not only harassing people, one woman was told "how would she like to be raped" over the phone by one and threats of going to jail, taking their kids...

I mean out of control, criminal level threats and harassment.

Probably the most absurd thing credit card companies do is when someone gets into trouble. They basically push that person to not pay the cards by increasing the rates to 24%, 27%, 30%. Ya know, a person is having trouble paying their bills so the credit card companies make sure that person cannot pay their bills, which results in either a charge-off and/or bankruptcy.

Why should I care about a credit score?

Seriously. If she wanted to make a real stand she would just cut up all her credit cards and swear off of debt once and for all.
Then she would close out her BofA account and go to a local credit union. Afterwards she would always pay for things in cash.

As long as people think that credit scores matter then the banks will always have us over a barrel.

credit scores

they can affect you, but they should be regulated, monitored...

but yeah, when I saw this I thought, Jesus, call up a credit union, apply for a card at a great rate, transfer the balance and cancel BoA.

Also I thought....simply refuse to accept the changes and close the card down. If you refuse to accept the new interest rate, they will close down the card so you cannot use it but they also cannot charge the higher rate.

While I understand the sentiment, she's hurting herself in trying to skin this cat.

Credit scores and security clearances

Let's see. She stops paying her bills and her credit score is trashed, putting her on corporate America's blacklist. Sandy Berger lifts classified documents from National Archives, and his lawyers negotiate a "temporary" suspension of his security clearance. Politicians caught doing bad things agree to "temporarily" surrender their law licenses. But a bad credit score intrudes into other areas of your life -- I don't care if the guy who fixes my car is late paying his bills, I care about how well he fixes my car. Good people in this country are getting screwed by the financial "industry." Let's repeal some of the laws the banking lobby got rammed through -- bring back usury ceilings, and outlaw predatory lending.
Frank T.

Frank T.