Complaining about Offshore Outsourcing Works - Keep it up!

Well, well. All of you folks screaming your heads off about offshore outsourcing of Federal, State and customer service jobs are having an impact. Keep it up!

Department of Children and Families Secretary George Sheldon told reporters on Friday that JPMorgan Chase, which contracts a debit-like card for food stamp users in Florida, will stop routing the calls to India.

"I gather that technologically this is a bigger deal than just flipping a switch. I don't know how long this will take, but the process has begun," Sheldon told the US media.

"It's a very bad message, particularly in this economy but also across the board, to have call centers operating out of India," Sheldon said. "They have agreed that they will immediately begin the process of rerouting the calls so that no Florida calls will be going to India."

Friday's anti-India decision came after Florida lawmakers went on the warpath this week after finding out that customer call centers in India are handling questions from food stamp recipients. The state is paying JPMorgan Chase & Co to handle a range of services for the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) programme. Out of work and other needy Americans are allowed to use their EBT card to redeem food stamps at designated grocery stores or markets. JPMorgan uses two call centers in the United States and two in India to handle questions for EBT card holders.

Can you think of anything more insulting and financially irresponsible than taxpayer funds used to offshore outsource jobs managing social services benefits? Imagine, you cannot get a job, you're so desperate you are on food stamps. You call asking a question to connect to some one overseas? They have the job, you need the job and on top of it, they, after stealing your job are answering questions about food stamps. If you had that job, you would not be so desperate to even need food stamps.

Remember, these are state and federal funds that are paying for your job to be offshore outsourced. Imagine how many single parents could do those jobs with young kids if allowed to work from home? How many disabled? How many part-time?

Here's another one, Delta airlines received so many complaints about offshore outsourced call centers, they:

Delta Airlines chief Richard Anderson announced the world's largest carrier had dumped its Indian call centre contractors because of "customer dissatisfaction". He said Delta would not route customer service calls to India and would bring them back in-house.

According to industry analysts, hundreds of US jobs are likely to be preserved by Delta's move. Bloomberg estimated that the Atlanta-based Delta has 4,500 employees who take customer service and reservation calls.

Everyone, fly Delta! That is 4,500 jobs that can in fact be done at home if these corporations would get it together managing remote employees. There is no doubt the United States needs those 4500 jobs.

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Yehey Starting to Come Back

The jobs are coming back without costing us billions in Stimulus funds.

Now if they can only route the Florida calls to

A call center in FLORIDA!

Executive compensation is inversely proportional to morality and ethics.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

Bait & switch

Sorry, Mr. Oak, but every time I read something like that, upon following up I always find that they've offshored far more jobs under a different category, or those jobs which were said to have gone to Florida - were rerouted to a Caribbean country (still offshored, you see?).