Food Stamps up at least 600,000 from last month - new record

Now this is my favorite economic indicator. How many people in the United States are so broke they qualify for food stamps? Well, in a matter of one month, we have an increase to "surge past" 35 million.

Last month the tally was 34.4. Million.

Anyone reading this if you know where to find the detailed statistics, up to date on national food stamp (SNAP) recipients, please let us know.

This is an amazingly hidden statistic and we are relying on Reuters to dig it out. I've hunted for raw up to date data high and low so either the USDA is web clueless or it's hiding somewhere....probably because it's so damn damning to have more than 1 in 9 people living in the U.S. on food stamps.

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more "working poor" on Food stamps

The Financial Times picked up on the record food stamp recipients.

the Financial Times has learnt that some 40 per cent of the families now on food stamps have “earned income”, up from 25 per cent two years ago

Now this has to be beyond low in terms of income because the poverty levels to qualify for food stamps mean you cannot rent a cardboard box (if single, only if you have kids can you qualify for any sort of shelter as part of welfare).

I'd still like to be able to find the raw data. Looks like FT plain may have called on that old fashioned device the telephone.

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Drive Through Food Bank - 21st Century Bread Line


Last year demand across the US food bank network surged 30 per cent. Almost all outlets reported seeing new visitors. “People who used to donate to the food bank are now coming to the food bank – so imagine the shame,” says Shamia Holloway, communications manager at the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington, which supplies food to the Community Ministry and 700 other local agencies. “A lot of these people came from good jobs.”

People cannot get food stamps because they have $2k in the bank (these days $2k probably won't make 1 mortgage payment in many areas of the country) and so they are using the food bank...

this one describes people driving by in line in their cars to get food.

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