Friday Movie Night - Roger & Me

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


Roger & Me

GM, along with Ford and Chrysler are now asking for $25 Billion dollars. We are hearing devastating reports of 3 million jobs lost, 4% decline in US GDP, in other words a tail spin cocktail for a bad economy, if GM or the US automakers were allowed to go into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


With the Auto Bail Out theme, I thought it appropriate to show Michael Moore's famous documentary Roger & Me.


Google video has the entire documentary online to watch. (click the link). Note, you can watch this full screen.

If you have not seen this it's a treat and if you have, notice some of the same similarities. Pets or Meat!

Below is the documentary embedded. Honestly I am very unsure on copyright here for Google restricts embedding yet there is the entire Documentary to watch and one can easily download the film.

So below is the video embedded, if the google video doesn't work for you. but all I can say is go see and pay for a Michael Moore video for I don't quite understand why something is available on youtube, yet not embeddable, yet can be easily downloaded.

Roger & Me