H-1B, F-4 alert!

NumbersUSA reports:

Speaker Pelosi Determined to Give Millions of U.S. Jobs to Foreign Workers?
Wednesday, Feb. 26 -- "Incredible as it may seem amidst talk of recessions, job cuts and stagnant wages, NumbersUSA's Capitol Hill Team finds reports and signs everywhere that House Speaker Pelosi is negotiating to give millions of U.S. jobs to foreign workers," NumbersUSA President Roy Beck said today.
The Democratic Pelosi's backroom deals appear to be motivated by fear that a group of freshmen Democrats may get most Republicans to help them force a vote on the enforcement-only SAVE Act (Secure America with Verification Enforcement). That bill -- with 147 bi-partisan signers in the House and Senate -- primarily would drive millions of illegal aliens out of their jobs. But Pelosi is trying to ensure that if the bill comes to a vote it will include huge increases in H-2B and H-1B visas for foreign workers of all kinds, and that it will include millions of legal work permits for all the illegal aliens currently holding a job.
"I want every American to be aware of Speaker Pelosi's callous attitude toward the 23 million, less-educated working-age Americans who do not currently have a job," Beck said. "This group of Americans without any college education and without a job increased by 2 million between 2000 and 2005 at the same time Congress was importing 1.5 million foreign workers of the same education level, according to research by the Center for Immigration Studies.
"Nobody in Congress has a worse grade (F-minus) than Nancy Pelosi when it comes to protecting American jobs, American wages and American working conditions from the downward pressures of massive immigration. As the head Democrat, she stands in stark contrast to most of the newly elected Democrats who are pledged to protecting American workers and fighting illegal immigration. Unfortunately, Pelosi, the most radical Member of Congress on the immigration issue, is using her power as Speaker of the House to try to wreak even more damage on the most vulnerable of American workers and legal immigrant workers in this country. I urge all concerned Americans to contact their Members of Congress and express opposition to Rep. Pelosi's outrageous push for more foreign work visas."
Demand that no such attachment be done to the Save act, this is a must call all of your house members and any other Congress representative as well!

Now this is way beyond the SAVE act, Pelosi and other Dem leadership are doing corporate lobbyist's bidding. Dem leadership has been intent on labor arbitraging professional workers and trying to turn our taxpayer funded university system into a glorified green card machine and this is the latest effort.
It's already horrendous how Americans cannot afford higher education and how our universities are busy building campuses abroad versus investing in Americans, educating Americans. Can you imagine what happens to opportunities for Americans in higher education if they turn any degree from anywhere in STEM plus any degree in anything from any "US" school as a ticket to an employer based green card? Open the flood gates for labor arbitrage.

Write your reps and protest this, especially if you are a Democrat/Progressive/Populist.

Don't let the corporate lobbyists try to isolate H-1B, L-1, F-4 and other guest worker Visas as just some "conservative" issue for it is a labor issue.

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