Housing Vacancy Rate - 1 in 9 Units Empty

USA Today is reporting:

More than 14 million housing units are vacant. That number does not include an estimated 4.8 million seasonal or vacation homes, most of which are occupied part of the year. The combined vacancy rate of almost 15% is higher than during previous recessions: 11% in 1991 and 9.4% in 1984.

• About 3% of owned homes are vacant. In normal times, "maybe 1% should be vacant," Myers says.

• More than 9% of homes built since 2000 are vacant compared with about 2% for older homes.

• Homes priced at $500,000 or more are just as likely to be empty as homes that cost less than $100,000.

I'm not sure where they are getting these numbers because 1 in 9 in 11%. The breakdown is 10.1% rental properties and 2.9% homeowner properties.

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