Links on Retail Sales and Unemployment Initial Claims

Normally we write our own take on various economic indicators and data on EP...

Tonight, I'm tired and instead am going to point to some very good posts, which I think give some insight.

On today's jump in initial unemployment claims, complete with original graphs, Calculated Risk.

Here is the DOL press release on this week's unemployment claims.

U.S. Dept. of Commerce's press release on retail sales.

retail sales July 2009
Src: U.S. Dept. of Commerce

On retail Sales sudden drop, New York Times, which dropped 0.1% which is "so what"?, but cash for clunkers autos was up 2.4% which means retail sales are seriously being dragged down and the report also stunned our green shooters.

Other interesting posts:

This one from Econbrowser on GDP as well as Debt forecasts.

This graph on income/wealth inequality, just updated to 2007. (what is it in 2009!)

Finally, EconomPic's graph on net worth.

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