Make Sense of out This

While talking heads pile on the cable shows, blogs and discuss identity politics, what about policy?

Only Romney is mentioning outsourcing and his solutions are part of the problem. He also vetoed a MA amendment to stop state jobs from being outsourced. You know the idea that money recycled into local economies stimulates that economy? Not when it comes to real jobs it seems. Although at least he is aware of it, and seemingly the other major candidates, both parties are ignoring the global labor arbitrage agenda and what it is doing to the United States middle class.

Job losses jump in largest 1 week increase since Hurricane Katrina.

Here come the bonds markets as MBIA takes 2.3B in write-downs. MBIA stock jumped 8% on this news.

Home foreclosures to stay high for the next two years.

I have no idea with this kind of news the stock market is rallying, but it is.

Here's a reality check

he Wall Street worms have made our economy rotten to the core. Combine dazed and confused credit markets with globalization, and our economy is in a bind. A Fed rate cut won't turn things around for more than a week

The Fed's rate cuts are only bandages. They'll succeed at weakening the U.S. dollar against foreign currencies, and that encourages foreign governments to buy American institutions at fire-sale prices. That can't be good for America

So, why is the stock market rallying?



Reward Good Members of Congress

McCain is probably worse than Romney. Hillary is not much better - at least historically. Obama may be our "best bet"  of those still in the race. 

On the bright side there's Dorgan, Tester, McCaskill, Sanders and yes- Dick Durbin.  Forget his position on amnesty.  A blue-state Democrat's gotta do what a blue-state Democrats gotta do. 

And when a blue-state Democrat does something right, he should be congratulated.  While not a perfect bill, s1035 (Durbin-Grassley) has a lot to commend it.  So take the time to commend Durbin.

not so fast

While I commend Durbin, he isn't exactly making this his main agenda item! He could get cosponsors if he wanted to and he's not. Grassley is seemingly way more active and Bernie Sanders has been professional workers advocate and trying for years.

Obama, he is for more guest worker Visas, pretty much all open border, no controls and even worse, he's not cosponsoring S.1035. He voted for trade deals that have come up in the Senate. He is currently pushing for those global labor arbitrating "comprehensive immigration reform" bills which had unlimited H-1Bs, F-4, H-2C guest worker Visas.

McCain is for sure the worst of the bunch. He is letting corporate lobbyists run his entire "economic" agenda, he is a front man for private equity corporate raiders. Why in God's name aren't those facts getting out there?

I mean if Romney is the best of the bunch in terms of economic, trade, policy that's really saying something is very wrong. Most of what he recommends is going to make things worse but on the other hand he does understand how to attract corporations through tax breaks, investment incentives, which is more than I can say for the rest of 'em!

Hillary is the chair of the India caucus and seems hell bent on offshore outsourcing our jobs.