March of the Corporations - Onward to Washington

Here come the lobbyists. Bloomberg had a story of various corporations and their latest rhetoric trying to stop policies and legislation.

Not in this economy. That’s Intel Corp.’s argument against new taxes on overseas income. It’s Inc.’s objection to making unions easier to form. Ditto Lockheed Martin Corp.’s case against scrapping production of the F-22 jet.

Basically the more a corporation fights against a particular policy change, odds are the more effective it will be.

Curtailing offshore outsourcing, making the hunt for cheaper labor around the globe not pay out is a much needed policy change. The fact Intel is fighting against it implies it might just be effective, which I have believed it would not be.

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It is very typical short sighted nature

of big business to want to maintain the status quo. What they fail to realize is that the status quo is not sustainable. Mankind cannot survive on debt alone.