Most New Jobs at Poverty Level, Do not Require a Degree

How many times have you heard the reason Americans are having their jobs offshore outsourced or displaced through insourcing is because....Americans need more Training and Education

Tell that to any PhD from one of the best schools in the United States (which means in the world), who just had their research position offshore outsourced and can't find a job. Right now you can probably dig up any Scientist in Pharmaceutical research and hear this story.

So, of all news organizations, Fox is pointing out this great lie. Please note both Obama and McCain claim the answer to our jobs being offshore outsourced is more training and education, McCain being the most oblivious to reality.

From Jobs Without a Degree Growing Fast: But Built to Last?

“Stay in school,” is often touted as the best advice for young people, but no one ever specified for how long. Out of the top 15 fastest growing jobs for 2006-2016, 10 do not require a college degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Think that's good news that jobs don't require this massive education as claimed?   Well not exactly.

Peggy Wireman, author of Connecting the Dots: Government, Community and Family, said that 50% of all new jobs created in the next 10 years will be in just 28 occupations, and of those 28 occupations, only five will require a college degree. This is good news for individuals who don’t want a degree, but bad news for those who’d like to make enough money to support a family, according to Wireman.

Of the 28 occupations she examined, none of them supported a family of four above the “self-sufficiency” level, which is twice the poverty level or higher. Eight of the jobs would not support a family of four even at a poverty level; 11 would support a family at the poverty level

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This is how we end up a Dickansian nation

RO, this my good man, will set the pillars of creating a nation that the plutocrats want. A modern day antebellum industrial/plantation system for the whole nation...if not the continent.

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But why do the Plutocrats want this?

I'll admit all of their actions are heading this way, but the one thing I've been challenged on again and again is the why. I think I understand it's about hierarchical power structures, but hasn't the past 150 years in the United States proven time and time again that the flatter the hierarchy is, the more resilient and flexible the entire enterprise becomes?

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

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Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

I just finished paying off

I just finished paying off my social work degree and my term paper, earned nearly a decade ago. I would be so much further ahead if I had never gone to college. 4 more years of work, saving for retirement, not accruing student loans that took me 9 years to pay off (making double and triple payments). I wish my parents had pushed me towards a vocational program instead of a university. I've told my teenager that she should either choose a lucrative degree in a high demand field (pharmacy or nursing) or bypass college and head straight for job training.

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