Who Are Getting the Jobs? Immigrants

Reuters has taken the plunge and released a comprehensive study on the foreign born versus U.S. born workers and who is getting the jobs. The time period is from 2008-2010.

From 2008 to 2010, 1.1 million new migrants who have entered America since 2008 landed jobs, even as U.S. household employment declined by 6.26 million over that same period.

But in a sign of the times, the pace of job growth for new arrivals has also slowed, to an average of 550,000 a year from 2008 to 2010 from over 750,000 a year from 2000 to 2008.

Sum said it was fair to estimate that around 35 percent of these workers were undocumented or illegal.

Many immigrants acquired jobs in traditional low-wage work associated with foreign, undocumented and especially Mexican labor: hotels and food services, retail trade, sanitation, cleaning and construction.

The BLS does not release or collect data by country of origin and actual immigration status. Therefore, one has mixed in to the foreign born BLS labor statistic, those who arrived in the United States as infants, those on temporary guest worker Visas, those who immigrated permanently and those who border hopped, visitor Visa jumped and are here illegally.

Watch out for some quotes in the article. There are many legitimate methods for unskilled workers to enter the country legally. About 13 of them, such as the H-2B Visa, the AG worker Visa (H-2A), the L-1 Visa and the list goes on and on.

The BLS counts foreign guest workers in U.S. unemployment statistics, which truly biases the unemployment rates, especially in certain occupational sectors, such as STEM, due to the abuse of these Visas by corporations.

Notice the below quote is not Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics before believing the foreign born are all taking low paying unskilled labor jobs.

28,500 new arrivals since 2008 who found work in the finance and insurance sector only comprised 2.6 percent of the 1.1 million migrants. Over 90,000 of the newcomers since 2008 got work in health care and social services, a fast-growing sector where skills are in demand.

A nice age discrimination trick is to displace a mature worker with a younger one. Of course one must have a never ending supply of young labor in order to discard the older ones.

the demographic profile of the immigrants who are still landing jobs is slanted to the young, uneducated, unskilled or semi-skilled. Accommodations and food services, for example, was a sector that employed over 144,000 new arrivals -- the biggest group of employed new immigrants. These would be jobs such as hotel maids and dishwashers.

And 42 percent of the 1.1 million were under 30.

We overview the unemployment report every month and have previously noted the foreign born were getting the jobs.

Please consider reading the data and skipping the personal philosophy for yes Virginia, the law of supply and demand still applies in labor markets and when one can get away with hiring cheap, they assuredly do.

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The jobs Americans cannot or will not do.

So you mean to tell me there are no Americans available for any of these 1,100,000 jobs? With a 16.7% (U6) and 9.4% (U3) unemployment rate " that really must be false.

The excuses that employers provide don't make sense. Divide the 1.1 million jobs into low skill and high skill.

1) Low skill - employers say "these are the jobs Americans won't do" (quote by George Bush II)
- Is it plausible that no U.S. citizens applied for any of these jobs? Remember, these are low-skilled jobs, so any U.S. citizen would be qualified.

2) High skill - employers say these are the "best and brightest", Americans cannot do these jobs.
- I find it hard to believe that with all of unemployed STEM professionals, and the large number graduating from college each year, that there were no qualified U.S. citizens for these skilled positions..
- Best and brightest? I say prove it. Show me their credentials. Show me how many jobs they've created. Show me their patents. Show me their years of experience. Show me their salary history (for surely, if they are the "best and brightest" they will be earning a top percentile salary). Now, show me the same set of data for U.S. citizens that have applied for these positions or that you've laid off in the past 10 years.

In order to supress wages, benefits, and working conditions employers must have emloyment CHURN, which the blog author relates to when he says:

"A nice age discrimination trick is to displace a mature worker with a younger one. Of course one must have a never ending supply of young labor in order to discard the older ones. "

H1-B Means Cheap Slave Labor

Anyone who says that there is shortage of Computer Engineers in this country is a liar. These guest worker programs exist to import cheap slave labor, and to push down the wages of those Americans who survive.