Osama Bin Laden Is Dead - Breaking

Looks like they finally got him. This is breaking news Osma Bin Laden is Dead.

Seems they finally found him and managed to get close enough to kill him.

Shot and killed, congratulations!

This post will be updated with details. President Obama will be making a statement at 10:30 PM, EST and it is expected this will be the announcement.

CBS reports the U.S. has stepped up the efforts to get Osama Bin Laden for the past month and finally, it is confirmed, the U.S. was successful.

One source says that his body will be disposed of, in order to not give a grave site for other radicals to focus on. The body is in Afghanistan

Regardless, this will be a great blow to radical terrorist groups who want to kill regular Americans.

This should almost make Obama golden for the next election. Indeed, the conspiracy theorists tails are waggin' on timing already.

This was a CIA intelligence operation, which then moved into an U.S. military operation, and happened today. Here is Abbottābad, Pakistan, the location of the Osama Bin Laden compound.

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Osama Bin Laden that was a

Osama Bin Laden that was a name I heard alot while in elementary school. Glad this nightmare has come to an end

This will be used to bootstrap the War on Terror

Since 9/11, the two major terrorist acts were the shoe bomber and the underpants bomber. That was a weak rationale for trillions on the terror effort and the loss of constitutional liberties, never to be restored. Now CBS is quoting administration sources saying, they won't back off of the war on terror despite fears of retaliation.

Let's see the body, have it examined, and wrap this up in the fashion of criminal investigation.

politics and elections

Obama already is trying to blast the oil companies on gas prices so why not whip out the terrorism playbook from Bush II?

That said, I mean this guy is real, but where he was, ya gotta be kidding me! Whoever hid him, and a compound implies some serious money, should be brought to justice as well.

Right, Obama from what I can tell, across the board, although this site's focus is on economics, finance, labor....

he seems to be following Bush II. Same bail outs, same no regulation, same offshore outsourcing, same bad trade deals ....

But on this one guy, let's give a feather at least.