A Profile of U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner - It's Worse Than We Feared

Portfolio.com has published an in depth profile of U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner. The article goes into Geithner's background as a Rubin Clone and a Hamilton Project member.

Geithner’s history of leaning on advisers and mentors, one can find a guide to his future actions not just in the John Thains and Gerald Corrigans he relied on at the New York Fed but also the people surrounding him in the Obama administration. Since Obama became president, the center of gravity at Treasury has shifted to policymakers from the Hamilton Project, a little-known think tank under the wing of the Brookings Institution that promotes growth-oriented economic policies. The group was founded in 2006 by its then director, Peter Orszag, who now heads the Office of Management and Budget. Other members of the group’s advisory board include Geithner’s old boss Robert Rubin, lately of Citigroup, and former deputy Treasury secretary Roger Altman, who presided at one of Geithner’s rare public appearances, a March 25 event at the Council on Foreign Relations. Alice Rivlin, founding director of the Congressional Budget Office, is also a member.

You will find Geithner being Larry Summer's loyal lackey, asking for advice continually from our favorite Democratic corrupt financial people and being a deer in the headlights on not that tough of a financial technical question.

But, it is Obama who choose the Hamilton Project, corporate corrupt financial players as his cabinet. So where does the buck stop? Not until it gets to China.

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Hail to the gang of .....

While positive comments can be made about Alice Rivlin, Altman's past association with the Blackstone Group, and his founding of Evercore Partners (with another alumnus of Blackstone) does't bode well for the economy. And nothing further need be said about Rubin, although it would be lucky for the future existence of America if there was a mortal accident in his future.