Richardson to Be Commerce Secretary, Larry Summers to NEC

Well, I guess the payback is in place for Bill Richardson's betrayal of the Clinton's during the primary.

Obama has announced Bill Richardson to be Commerce Secretary.

What kind of expertise does Governor and failed Presidential candidate Richardson have to be Commerce Secretary?

Here are a series of position statements and while the country is in terrible trouble, Richardson is known to push for more guest worker Visas, which displace US workers, complete open borders towards illegal immigration and endorses NAFTA and the WTO.

Moving onto former Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, will head the National Economic Council with Hamilton Project, Rubin Clone Jason Furman and Goolsbee on board.

Least you forget, Summers was involved with Phil Gramm legislation which lead to the financial crisis as well as the Enron Loophole.

Peter R. Orszag will White House budget director. He is currently director of the Congressional Budget Office.

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Also in that line...DHS and CTO for the U.S.

you may want to read about the potential effect of DHS candidate Napalitano:

H1-B Visa Battle Could Erupt at Department of Homeland Security
Obama's DHS candidate, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, has a strong record of support for the H-1B program.

and who he may nominate for CTO:

Obama's CTO: Top 10 Contenders (and One Real Long Shot)
Who might be best for the top tech job? Bill Gates? Eric Schmidt? Ed Felten? How about a former colleague? The list is a who's who of tech luminaries and one really surprising long shot.

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Progressives growing weary of the Obama pretensions

Obama Throws No Bones to Progressive Base

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This nonsense that Obama is about "Change" is belied by DLC-type corporatists he has chosen to implement the program of his administration.

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